Zeta Alcor Bud (Saint Seiya) - Myth Cloth EX: Review

Zeta Alcor Bud (Saint Seiya) - Myth Cloth EX: Review

Zeta Alcor Bud (Saint Seiya) - Myth Cloth EX

Zeta Alcor Bud Myth Cloth Ex is the fifth release in the Myth Cloth Ex line dedicated to the Norse warriors of the Saint Seiya anime - The Knights of the Zodiac. This is the twin of Zeta Mizar Syd, already reviewed over a year and a half ago always here on the pages of Pop Culture. After Alpha Dubhe Siegfried, Beta Merak Hagen, Delta Alberich Megrez, the other Asgardians already released by the Japanese company, Mizar's "evil twin" finally comes to us. And just like Mizar, of whom he is a shadow knight, Alcor also has the Macairodon as a Totem animal, known to most as the Saber-toothed Tiger.

The Character

Among the stars of the Great Bear ...

Zeta Alcor Bud is one of the Knights of Odin in the service of Hylda of Polaris . The story of Alcor is a tragic story, which vaguely recalls the novels of Mark Twaine thinking of the Prince and the Poor. The star Zeta Mizar of the Ursa Major constellation hides behind it a twin star called Zeta Alcor. Even in the animated series, in fact, we learn of the presence of Alcor, Mizar's twin brother only after his defeat.| ); }

… and Saber-toothed tigers

The animal that is formed when the armor is not worn by the knight is the Macairodon, a prehistoric feline characterized by the frightening size of the two canines superior. Better known as the Saber-toothed tiger, it lived in the Pleistocene period in the North American area. With the data in our possession, we now know that this huge feline certainly preferred very cold habitats, the result of the glaciation phase, even if it proliferated particularly with warm climates when grasslands began to form 20 million years ago.

Packaging and Blister

Zeta Alcor - The Totem

Assembling the totem of Zeta Alcor, after having assembled that of Zeta Mizar, it must be said, it is not this great undertaking, however one thing must be pointed out, these armours arrive in our beautiful shiny and sparkling homes, all thanks to something called silicone spry. In order to avoid ruinous falls with scattering of the pieces (as happened to us during the shooting), handle these models with great care. The final effect, albeit with some invocation to Odin himself, is really satisfying. On the other hand, who has never loved the saber-toothed tiger as a prehistoric animal?

Zeta Alcor Bud - Myth Cloth EX by Tamashii Nations

Restored order the pieces after having disassembled them from the "skeleton" of the totem that makes up the symbol of the armor we continued our analysis by inserting the various parts in such a way as to dress the figure. Much of the Myth Cloth Ex is therefore covered with metal armor parts, there are very few plastic parts and are limited to the usual abdomen and back, back of hands and helmet, available in open or closed versions with chin protection. To have the best of fun with the poses we advise you to equip yourself with stage-act supports or pedestals, not included and sold separately to better enhance each type of pose you have created.

Zeta Alcor Bud - Video review

Zeta Alcor Bud Myth Cloth EX is available in the best stores thanks to Cosmic Group which officially distributes this and many other Tamashii Nations products in Italy.

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