Red Bull Solo Q 2022 - The Italian final told by the champion

Red Bull Solo Q 2022 - The Italian final told by the champion

On 3 July we had the opportunity to attend the Italian final of Red Bull Solo Q, the format created by Red Bull that transforms the famous League of Legends team moba into an adrenaline-fueled 1 vs1 challenge, participating in a live event that breathed an air of "restart" that was really needed, transmitting a lot of energy between fans and supporters present at Combo Milano.

We had talked about this particular discipline and the mechanisms for accessing the final stages. last October, during the 2021 finals held behind closed doors due to current safety regulations. Solo Q was created to provide a more adrenaline-fueled and tactical alternative to the classic 5 vs 5 challenges and in a very short time it established itself as an important piece in the Tormenta circuit, a real breeding ground for new champions.

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In the first match Suru and Dream Maker staged a challenge between Volibear and Irelia that saw the champion lead to home the first point with a lot of security. In the second challenge Suru confirms his champion while Dream Maker tries to counter the strategy with Aatrox and the result is a heart-pounding final battle, which sees Suru go 2-0 with an incredible comeback. With a stroke of pride Dream Maker reacts and goes to 2 to 1 in a Fiora vs Fiora challenge that lasted only 2:20, making Suru's certainties waver, who collects the first defeat of the tournament.

After the euphoria for the victory, Suru gave us an interview to share with us the emotions of this event.

Congratulations on this victory Edoardo and thank you for your availability. A first thought after this success.

I am very happy, it was a special evening where I had fun and I had the opportunity to live good times with my friends, then I was really pleased with the support and compliments I received especially from the people I know!

Did you know your opponents? How did you experience the pairing phase, did you fear anyone in particular?

I knew all my opponents except umbyrulez with whom I played the quarter final. I didn't pay much attention to the pairing phase, in fact up to 2-0 in the final I never thought of winning, but only of enjoying the evening and therefore it didn't matter who I had to play against.

Final apart, What was the most difficult moment of the evening?

There hasn't been a real difficult moment this time, thanks to the accumulated experience I managed to never find myself in difficult situations.

Perhaps the most difficult moment was going in bed knowing that the day was over!

Is there a match that particularly impressed you among those played by your opponents?

The match that most impressed me was the one between Dream Maker and Gap in which Irelia played Irelia against Irelia, I particularly liked seeing Dream Maker's Irelia which proved to have great mechanical skills on the champion.

How did you start playing LOL and specifically Solo Q?

I had just moved and had nothing to do 15 days before school started, so I started looking for something that I was passionate about in the meantime. The Red Bull Solo Q I started following him from last year, in the first edition, while I started practicing the Solo Q mode of League after a few months, like most of the players.

How this is viewed your passion in the family? Do you have friends and fans who follow you?

My family does not understand the fact that with video games you can now work and easily create a future and a solid profession, but they were happy with my victory and I also had many friends who supported me during the final, I was very pleased.

Are you part of a team? How do you prepare for Solo Q matches?

During the tournament I was playing for Hooded, but I am currently without a team.

We did not prepare the matches for Solo Q as a team, but I prepared them a few days before together with Taytsuke who he was another of the finalists besides being a teammate of mine in the Hooded.

How important is this success looking to the future?

This victory was a wonderful experience with which I gained some self-esteem and visibility. It will surely be a beautiful memory that will accompany me for a long time! For the future, however, I do not intend to take the path of a professional player, as much as this world fascinates me.

What do you expect from the Solo Q World Cup qualifiers?

Just like for the national finals, I don't expect anything: this time the opponents will be much tougher and it's already a lot for me to have made it this far. This does not mean that I will take qualifications under my breath, quite the contrary! I would be delighted if I managed to make it to the World Finals and if I had the chance again to savor the magic of playing live.

Congratulations again to Edoardo and a big good luck for his participation in the European Play-Offs. , who in the coming months will collect many champions like him among national and international qualifiers, to arrive at the World Finals to be played in a location yet to be discovered - but according to Red Bull's words, it will be exceptional.

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