Beard trimmer | The best of 2022

Beard trimmer | The best of 2022

The beard is definitely an important factor in a man's appearance and if you prefer to take care of your beard at home without going to the barber, having one of the best beard trimmers is certainly the best solution. This tool, not to be confused with the razor, in fact allows you to adjust the hair on the face, without however removing it completely as is the case with the razor blade or the razor, therefore ideal for those who love to always have a perfect beard.

Read also: Hair clippers for home use | The best of March 2022 This small appliance can also be used to finish sideburns or create shades on the hair. Braun and Philips are undoubtedly the companies that dominate this market, since they offer products capable of obtaining practically perfect and immediate results, but there is no shortage of other solutions from lesser-known brands, which boast an excellent quality-price ratio and which often implement interchangeable heads to function both as a beard trimmer and as an electric razor.

That said, in this article we have selected what are, in our opinion, the best beard trimmers you can buy right now on Amazon.

The best beard trimmers

Braun MGK7220 Braun BT7340 Philips QP6650 Philips BT9810 Philips MG9710

Braun MGK7220

We could only start our list of the best beard trimmers with a Braun model. Although not particularly expensive (indeed, quite the opposite), this device is equipped with long-lasting sharp blades to easily cut even the longest or thickest hairs without pulling and tearing. It is basically the perfect product for those who are looking for a valid but affordable beard trimmer, capable of doing the job quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the different combs supplied, you can decide on different styles and lengths, starting from 0.5 mm up to 20 mm thick. In addition, additional combs (always included in the package) also allow you to cut hair and ear and nose hair. A model capable of satisfying the needs of many people, thanks also to the autonomy of 50 minutes.


Braun BT7340

The second beard trimmer that we suggest to consider is a model also produced by the well-known German brand, but slightly more advanced than the previous one, since the latter has a precision selector with 39 length settings at 0.5 mm intervals, designed for make your beard trimming experience even easier. Obviously, there is no shortage of long-lasting sharp blade to adjust the beard evenly, as well as combs dedicated to hair cutting. The autonomy in this case reaches 100 minutes, therefore recommended for those who spend a lot of time taking care of their beard. Finally, it is also worth noting the presence of a free Gillette Fusion razor in the package.


Philips QP6650

Let's now pass to a Philips model, one of the few companies (if not the only one) capable of competing well in Braun in the beard trimmers market. This model features a particularly slim design and allows you to shave, trim and trim a beard of any length. Since the blade size is quite small, it is not suitable for cutting hair, but it is highly recommended for those who want to achieve a perfect beard trim, thanks to the blade that follows the contours of the face perfectly, so as to obtain precise edges up to the 'last millimeter. To complete the features of this beard trimmer there is the excellent autonomy of 90 minutes, whose status you can view in real time via a small integrated display.


Philips BT9810

Here is another excellent beard trimmer from Philips, which makes autonomy its strong point, since with a one hour charge it offers up to 120 minutes of continuous use. Incredibly valid also in practical use, since the combs can be adjusted with the precision wheel until they reach the suitable length for the beard style you have chosen. Depending on the comb used, in fact, you can choose a length from 0.2 to 10 millimeters. It is also worth noting the very convenient 3-level battery status indicator, which will indicate when the latter is discharged, charging or charging.


Philips MG9710

We believe this is the best beard trimmer you can buy right now. This kit will allow you to take care not only of the beard but also of hair and body thanks to its all-in-one tool. Inside the package you will find 12 accessories suitable for all types of finishing, including 6 combs for side shades. In short, a perfect product for those who do not want to compromise, not even with regard to autonomy, which will ensure continuous use of 120 minutes. Finally, as if that were not enough, you can use it in the shower as it is waterproof.


How to choose a beard trimmer

The beard trimmer is not a particularly complex object, but before buying a specific model it is necessary to carefully evaluate the type of use that will be done with it. Although the ultimate goal is to adjust the length of the beard, there are different models that can make the difference according to everyone's needs.

The type of use of a beard trimmer

Ad For example, those who are looking for a product that can only refine the beard, it is recommended to choose models that only allow this type of cut, since they are usually more optimized and reliable than a model capable of cutting even the hair. Conversely, for those who want an all-in-one solution, we suggest considering a model that boasts numerous functions, as well as checking if it has several accessories included in the package, essential to achieve a result as close as possible to that. desired.

What do blades and combs look like in a beard trimmer?

The blade is definitely the main factor in a beard trimmer, as the hair passes through it, so it must be as much as as sharp as possible to avoid having to make a second or even third pass, and designed so as not to cause sudden jerks. The combs have the same importance, which must be numerous and interchangeable, especially if the beard trimmer does not have the ability to precisely adjust, using a special selector, the desired length (a feature that is now present on all models).

The blade of a beard trimmer is almost always 3 centimeters, which is the most suitable size for this kind of operation. In fact, reaching or exceeding 4 centimeters decreases the cutting precision, even if it becomes easier if you intend to use the tool to cut the hair. In addition to the length of the blade, an important role is played by the cutting range which usually stands at 0.5 millimeters. The most advanced models, such as those shown in this article, are able to cut down to 0.1 mm, reaching about 20 mm as a maximum width. A beard trimmer capable of cutting so deeply will obviously allow you to scrupulously trim your beard, as well as allowing you to create unique styles. At the same time, a model capable of reaching a cutting width of 20 or 30 millimeters will allow you to use the beard trimmer as if it were a hair clipper, making the appliance very versatile. In this regard, combs come into play, which will help you to adjust the size of the cut in an even finer way. The combs of a beard trimmer can be of various types, which is why here is an overview of their characteristics:

Snap comb: its peculiarity is to have a wheel that adjusts the distance between the teeth. It's great for vertical cutting and tends to be very accurate in hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, it does not collect the cut hairs, thus avoiding you to constantly clean it during shaving; Closed and open lift comb: it is great for those who usually change their style, because it allows you to adjust the distance of the teeth of the comb from those of the blade to your liking. Consequently, with this comb you can indulge yourself with the length of the cut, but its weak point is that of trapping a lot of hair during shaving, forcing you to clean it often; Open lift comb: excellent for cutting the area under the nose or around the jaw and, unlike the previous one, it does not entertain too many hairs; Fixed comb: as you can easily guess, this comb has a fixed cut width, so if you want to adjust the cut to a different size you will necessarily have to replace the comb, and that's why this solution is almost always used only by barbers. The blades, on the other hand, all have the same structure, but differ in the materials with which they are made. Apart from the latter, all the blades ensure an excellent cut, but there are some differences that we believe it is important to know:

Ceramic blades: they do not heat up during use and are among the more delicate, therefore you should be careful to handle them carefully when cleaning. Titanium blades: they stand out for their excellent corrosion resistance and lightness, as well as the ability to wash them. Carbon blades: the peculiarities of carbon ensure that these blades are resistant and sharp for a long time. Stainless steel blades: they do not differ much from the typical characteristics of carbon, therefore they are very resistant and self-sharpening.

What functions should a beard trimmer have?

As anticipated, beard trimmers are rather simple tools and almost all models available on the market will be able to satisfy people's needs. However, it is worth pointing out that several solutions implement a number of features and tricks that could make shaving much more precise and faster than a generic model, which is why you should evaluate if they are present and what are the integrated functions of the beard trimmer you are to buy. One of the features that could make a difference in this regard is the laser-guided light, which indicates exactly where the blade will cut, for truly millimeter precision. Another interesting and useful function to have inside a beard trimmer is a small integrated trimmer, to be extracted with a simple click when you need to take care of the narrowest areas in detail.

Other useful functions, but are found on very few models, are the Turbo mode and the suction function. The first, if present, increases the speed of the blade, facilitating the removal of the full beard. The second allows the beard trimmer to suck the hairs inside the instrument, making them arrive in a small dedicated container, so as to dirty the sink as little as possible. On the other hand, digital display and waterproofing are easier to find and undoubtedly give added value to the product, offering respectively the possibility of checking the status of autonomy, or setting the cutting range, and using the tool in the shower. In this case, however, it is necessary to verify that the product is certified Wet & Dry, otherwise it means that the beard trimmer can only be washed under running water.

What is the autonomy of a beard trimmer?

Although most of the latest generation models have a good autonomy, it is always advisable to check that the latter offers at least 40 minutes of continuous operation, so as not to have to recharge the beard trimmer at every single operation. Furthermore, a model worthy of being taken into consideration should have the characteristic of recharging itself in a few hours or, if possible, in just 60 minutes in order to make it particularly suitable while on the move.

Which ones are the advantages of a beard trimmer?

The beard trimmer differs from the classic electric razor for its excellent ability to adjust the beard. This little tool is really very simple to use, just like a razor or a razor blade. Unlike the latter, which are designed for a full cut, beard trimmers are designed for those who want to take care of their facial hair, customizing its appearance with various styles, without making a complete cut. It is therefore a small appliance that is indispensable for those who usually go around with a tidy look.

It is usually used about once a week, in order to give the beard time to grow, and then intervene when this is done. The latter begins to negatively affect the appearance of the face, shaving off unwanted hair. Among the advantages of a beard trimmer there is that relating to the width of the cut, which you can set using a special ring on the instrument, sometimes accompanied by a small display, useful for monitoring the battery status. In short, a very intuitive product, whose low learning curve will allow you to become familiar with the tool in a few minutes, just like an electric razor or a razor blade.

How do you clean a beard trimmer?

The beard trimmer is a tool that you should always keep clean not only for reasons of personal hygiene, but also for the correct functioning of the device. The cleaning phase is quick and easy and below we will explain what are the steps to take to make sure you perform optimal maintenance.

First of all, turn off the appliance once you have finished shaving, then remove the head, making a slight pressure towards the outside, and clean it from the hairs with the small brush included in the package. You can also use the same toothbrush to clean the inside of the head which, if the manufacturer declares it, you can rinse it with water, thus removing any hair left inside.

Inside the package you will find almost certainly a lubricant, to be used periodically to keep the blade always fluid. Unlike the toothbrush, this should not be used after each use. To apply the lubricant, you must first remove the residual hair from the blades, obviously removing the head, and then add the oil on the inside of the blades, making it penetrate between the spaces. Once this is done, the ideal would be to turn on the beard trimmer and keep it on for about 30 seconds, so that the newly added oil flows between all the blades.

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