5 reasons to watch Made in Abyss, the anime now on Prime Video

5 reasons to watch Made in Abyss, the anime now on Prime Video

5 reasons to watch Made in Abyss

From 8 July, on Prime Video, it is again possible to watch Made in Abyss. The second season of the anime series arrives in Italy with one episode a week, in the original language and subtitled, but will soon be dubbed in Italian by Dynit, as happened for the previous episodes. Based on the manga of the same name by Akihito Tsukushi, the first season arrives on the small screen in 2017, arriving here only 4 years later.

To subscribe to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service also taking advantage of the 30-day trial, you can use this link. The promising product of the Kinema Citrus studio is directed by Masayuki Kojima and immediately met with great success: the two seasons, interspersed with a feature film (Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul), have so far covered much of the narrative arc of the amazing story. by Tsukushi.

Is Made in Abyss worth watching? In fact, it was one of the 10 most anticipated anime of the summer, and there are at least five answers to this question.

Reg, Riko and Nanachi

5 reasons to watch Made in Abyss, the anime on Prime Video

Watching Made in Abyss is a wonderful adventure A magnificent world building The real peculiarity of Made in Abyss Impossible not to love the characters A successful animated version

Watching Made in Abyss is a wonderful adventure

This adventure is, right from the start, almost hypnotic for the viewer. Between unexplored worlds, mysterious objects and characters, the entire universe of Made in Abyss exerts immense power over those who approach the work, continually stimulating curiosity and instilling the insatiable desire to go forward to know more and more, exactly how it happens. for the protagonists. It is as if the power of the Abyss breaks through the screen and also captures the audience in real life. The narration follows that right rhythm that allows the viewer to slowly arrive at some solutions, with some twists to leave you breathless.

A magnificent world building

The world of Made in Abyss is a complex a system that still hides many secrets. From the very first episodes, attention is drawn to the mysterious Cult of the Abyss, born around the great chasm which, over time, has been mapped thanks to expert teams of Explorers. In fact, the Orth company also foresees a stratification. The hierarchy is marked by Whistles: each class, to which a color corresponds, has specific tasks. Riko, for example, begins her adventure as an apprentice (Red Whistle), and is the daughter of a Legendary White Whistle, the highest category, whose discoveries have changed the world.

These have allowed us to create detailed maps of all the knowledge about the Abyss, whose charm is indescribable. Like the manga, the anime also shows the representation of each layer from time to time, helping the viewer to identify the position of the protagonists. Once again, the inspiration from Dante and the Divine Comedy is evident: the drawings of this immense funnel-shaped structure are so reminiscent of the long descent into the Underworld.

What are the most fascinating little worlds so far? Surely the Forest of Temptation in the second layer, where the Abyss begins to manifest its first dangers. There is something really curious here: an area called the Upside Down Forest, where the laws of gravity are overturned. As you go deeper, the places change and show their particularities, as well as greater risks for the life of those who enter it. No environment is the same and each element is studied in detail. Looking at Made in Abyss means finding yourself in front of a multiplicity of settings: a grandiose and perhaps inimitable project.

The real peculiarity of Made in Abyss

As mentioned, as you descend into depth there is always a greater risk of not being able to continue. What is really happening? This mysterious chasm is dominated by the so-called Curse of the Abyss, which intensifies one layer after another, causing the Explorers to have increasingly disastrous and dangerous effects, beyond all imagination.

As long as the protagonists are in the first levels , Made in Abyss has no way of showing its true nature, but when hostilities arise, this work radically changes its tenor, darkening more and more. The choice of children as protagonists is the most deceptive that can be, together with a graphic style, of manga as well as anime, too "cute" to be able to foresee something terrible. In this sense, the work manages to be illusory in an all too cunning way: by now the viewer is captured and eager to know, and will hardly go back now that curiosity is properly aroused.

Reg After a consistent taste in the first season, Made in Abyss indulges in Dawn of the Deep Soul, an indispensable film to continue the narrative, an obligatory step towards something terrible. This is how, especially in its animated version, Akihito Tsukushi's tale reveals its own violence and cruelty, in a different way from what the public is perhaps accustomed to. Here pain and suffering are almost never the result of mere fights or spectacular moments of action. We are faced with a precise choice: that of showing evil in its primordial form. We do not speak so much of protagonists and antagonists, as of victims and executioners.

The suffering reserved for Riko, Reg and especially Nanachi, a new character, is great and unjustified; they are the martyrs of evil figures, such as Bondold encountered in the sixth layer. These are corrupted by the thirst for knowledge - the morbid, harmful one - and by the conviction of being in control of everything. It is as if Made in Abyss wants to break out of those self-imposed patterns in which pain affects only adults, or only following a certain path. This terrible story manages to show the true nature of evil and the possibility that this also hurts - and above all - goodness and innocence. Just like the Curse of the Abyss, it too spares no one, and this is an awareness, as well as a hard contact with reality, which perhaps only Made in Abyss is able to convey in this way.

Impossible not to love the characters

Except for those who really do their best to be hated, almost all of the main characters of Made in Abyss can immediately arouse sympathy and affection. It is not just the tender aspect of the protagonists: each of them has a unique psychological characterization, never taken for granted or left at the mercy of events. Riko, a super intelligent, bold and courageous child, ventures with Reg, shy and insecure at first. As mentioned, each character - Reg in particular - undergoes an evolution over time, in the name of a journey that aims first of all at personal growth and self-discovery. The two children know the value of friendship, affections, they instill strength, trust and courage. They are positive, good characters, who encourage you to never give up. Furthermore, their childlike nature gives space to many spontaneous and funny interludes that represent a nice breath of air in the sea of ​​pain that Made in Abyss knows how to be.

Nanachi Unfortunately, too little is still known about some of them. This is the case of Lyza, Riko's mother, who has so far aroused great curiosity. There is still a certain aura of mystery about the figures of the past, secrets that perhaps the second season will be able to reveal. The entrance of Nanachi, a little girl with the features of a rabbit, shuffles the cards on the table even more, creating a deep and inseparable bond between the three protagonists. This new figure, now an integral part of the trio, has a terrible, painful past, which brings the public even closer. Just like her, other secondary characters are also surmounted by bad memories that re-emerge during the narration, arousing empathy in the viewer.

The second season, with its incipit, immediately introduces new characters. The narrating voice is that of Vueko, a young orphan who later became part of the Ganja, a team ready to sail the seas to find the Golden Capital. They are events belonging to the past, as the faded tints of the images want to suggest. Then there is Belaf, another member of the team, wise and encouraging towards the small and insecure Vueko; finally Wazukyan, the commander of the Ganja, a mature man with many scars on his face, on which there is still so much to discover. The new season hasn't shown much so far, yet some dialogues already aim to create an affinity between the audience and these new characters, Vueko in particular. Will they actually be able to capture the sympathy of fans the way Riko, Reg and Nanachi have done so far?

A successful animated version

Kinema Citrus does exemplary work with the animated adaptation , maintaining a remarkable resemblance to Tsukushi's designs, which fans love a lot. Watching Made in Abyss is almost seeing the pages of the manga come to life. Where the sheet of paper meets its limits, the anime manages to find a valid solution. Each layer of the Abyss has its own color palette aimed at diversifying time and place, and the myriad of naturalistic elements lends itself perfectly to an extremely pleasant style and aesthetic taste. The action scenes, such as those in which the protagonists escape from dangerous creatures, are rendered with fluid and dynamic animations, combined with high-impact visual effects. Particular are the sequences in which Red shows off his mysterious abilities, amidst swirls of lights and colors.

Buy Fire Stick 4k Max with Alexa remote control to watch Prime Video directly on your TV Even the raw and violent character of Made in Abyss it is accentuated by the use of animation, which chooses not to sweeten anything, but rather to intensify what is static and perhaps less impressive from the manga tables. If on the one hand this is not exactly a positive aspect, on the other Kinema Citrus proves to be able to capture even the crudest nuance of the work and transpose it on the screen with effective effects and expedients, even if they arouse terrible effects in the heart of the viewer. .

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