Xbox Series X | S exceed total sales of Xbox One in Japan in one year

Xbox Series X | S exceed total sales of Xbox One in Japan in one year

Xbox Series X | S is proceeding slowly in Japan as we are used to seeing with regard to Microsoft consoles there, but they have already achieved an interesting result that attests to a good condition compared to what we have seen in recent years: in just one year they have exceeded the total sales of Xbox One.

This is what emerged based on the latest weekly sales data in Japan, through which we also saw that Call of Duty: Vanguard failed to beat Mario Party Superstars, effectively resulting in a somewhat disappointing launch, at least in retail format. The hardware numbers did not mention this particular Xbox aspect, but the issue was highlighted by John Walfare's tweet below.

Xbox Series X sold 1,023 units during the week while Xbox Series S sold 1,570 units, very low numbers compared to the other consoles and also showing a decrease compared to the previous week, but that was enough to reach the fateful quota of 116,122 consoles sold in Japan, which certifies the overtaking on Xbox One, which has reached about 115,000 units in total.

It should be noted, however, that Xbox Series X | S have achieved the result in one year against the 7 years used by Xbox One, moreover in a situation of continuous lack of products due to the well-known semiconductor crisis. At this point, the next milestone is to reach at least the first Xbox at 500,000 units, which may be within reach, while it may be more difficult to surpass the Xbox 360, currently the best-selling Microsoft console in Japan with 1.6 million. units sold.

It is clear that these are practically insignificant numbers compared to those of PS5 and especially Nintendo Switch in Japan, but considering the historical situation of this market, if nothing else, there seems to be a positive trend for consoles Microsoft.

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