The RW Goen releases on November 12th

The RW Goen releases on November 12th

Through the official website of Rw Goen, the issues of the publishing house of November 12, 2021 were disseminated. Of note are the new issues of Crime and Punishment and Karneval 21.

Let's find out all the releases together!

The Rw Goen releases of November 12

Karneval 21

Touya Mikanagi

€ 7.50

The flashback on Karoku's mysterious past continues. Hanabusa is robbed while going to the rescue of an injured person during the parade. Cornered, he will have to use all his resources to get out of the way.

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Food Wars L'Etoile 5

Michiko Ito

€ 5.95

The challenge that Kojiro has to face this time is… unique: someone abandoned a child right outside the door of his restaurant! And now? How to track down his real parents? The only clue is that the child seems to react to the smell of wine…

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Helck 1

Nanaki Nanao

€ 6.50

The Demon King has been defeated, and a competition is underway in the world of demons to crown his successor. Suddenly a muscular and arrogant individual appears in the arena: it is a simple human, Helck. But will he be serious? Red Vamirio, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the demon world, does not trust this strange individual who appeared out of nowhere. What will his secret be?

A room of happiness 1


€ 7.50

One day a fourteen-year-old girl is kidnapped. Or at least that's what the police believe. In reality, the girl tried to escape from her violent parents and found refuge… from her stalker, who is now hosting her in her apartment. As much as he continues to think he committed a kidnapping, the girl is happy with what happened and she declares herself to him, promising that, in case of capture, they will take their own lives together.

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Prison Experiment 2

Minase, Kantestu | all his efforts, Eyama fails to bring down Aya Kirishima. Eyama then decides to take the "prison game" to an even more terrifying level. Meanwhile Seiji, who has agreed to participate in the terrible game for the money alone, seems to enjoy the benefits of a prison in rosewater ... The disturbing and surprising survival horror created by Kantetsu and Chiho Minase continues.

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Maruhan the mercenary 7

Kim Sung-Jae, Kim Byung-Jin

€ 6.95

In the ancient era of the supercontinent, where there were no barriers between East and West, the human race must counter the invasion of the Demonic Beasts, which broke the centuries-old pact of non-aggression. Desperate, the humans organize an army with the aim of killing Rhode, the King of Demonic Beasts. The fate of men is in the hands of Maruhan, the mercenary of the Dark.

Buy Maruhan the mercenary 7 on Amazon.

Crime and punishment 8

Naochi Ochiai

7.50 €

Resumes publication of "Tsumi To Batsu", the elegant adaptation in a modern key and set in Japan of the famous novel "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky. Love for Echika overwhelms me, completes me. You will be my salvation.

But she can't love me, because… Because I'm a killer.

Buy Crime and Punishment 8 on Amazon.

Devils and Realist 15

Utako Yukihiro, Madoka Takadono

€ 6.50

William finds out what's going on in the underworld and celestial realms when Kevin appears with an injured Michael. And the truth about William's parents' death finally comes out, as the story enters its most critical moment.

Buy Devils and Realist 15 on Amazon.

The new life of Nina 1

Koyomi Minamori

€ 5.95

Aoyagi Nina has the distinction of remembering her previous life, when she was a fifteen year old named Chitose Amamiya. When Nina is ten she meets the person she loved and who was her boyfriend in her previous life: Itami Atsurou. When Chitose died, Atsurou suffered a lot and continues to suffer, unable to love anyone else. But Nina shares Chitose's feelings for her and is determined to find her love again…

School-Live 1

Chiba, Kahiou

6 , € 50

Takeya Yuki loves school. And how could she not? It is where she discovered the joys of school clubs. Or rather: of a particular club: the School Life Club. Rii-chan is the president, Megu-nee the consultant, and then there is her friend and companion Kurumi, always present. Yes, Yuki loves her school ... or at least that's what keeps repeating itself. Because living this lie every day is so much easier than facing the reality of this particular “school” and the nature of the “club activities”…

Buy School-Live 1 on Amazon.

Called Game 1

Izumi Kaneyoshi

€ 6.50

Aruna is the princess of Kingdom B. One day she discovers that she has been betrothed to the king of Realm E , a nation known for its constant and bloody conflicts. This is the story of a brave girl who carries secrets and ambition with her, in a game of thrones where not only love and pride are at stake, but life itself.

Buy Called Game 1 on Amazon.

Danguard Box Set A 1/2

Leji Matsumoto

€ 15.00

The story tells the vicissitudes of the research group of doctor Oedo (Galax), whose goal is to reach the tenth planet of the solar system, Prometheus, in order to exploit its natural resources and guarantee a future for humanity. Prometheus, however, is also in the sights of Doppler, a rich and evil scientist at the head of a paramilitary organization (reminiscent of the Nazis in uniform and rituals) who has decided to make the tenth planet home to a new race of elect.

Buy Danguard A 1 on Amazon.

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