The RW-Goen releases of September 17, 2021

The RW-Goen releases of September 17, 2021

The RW-Goen releases of September 17

The publishing house Rw-Goen through its social networks has announced all the upcoming manga for September 17, 2021. Among the releases we recommend Suicide Island and Shibuya Goldfish.

The RW-Goen releases of September 17th

The legend of Oda Saboru Nobunaga 5

of Hara and Kitahara

€ 7.50

From the nib of the legendary author of the saga of "Ken the Warrior", THE LEGEND OF ODA SABURO NOBUNAGA tells the epic deeds of Oda Nobunaga, a very famous leader who in the sixteenth century led victorious military campaigns to conquer Japan. The story focuses on the youth of the famous warrior, drawing a portrait halfway between historical reality and narrative inventio, enhanced by the magnificent drawings of the master Hara, who will not fail to conquer both the historical fans of the sensei, and the new readers of heroic deeds. of the "son of battle"!

Buy The Legend of Oda Saboru Nobunaga 5 on Amazon. After a long struggle, Sei and his companions finally manage to get rid of the danger that Sawada embodied. A peaceful life on the island is taking shape for the survivors, freed from the weight of the violence they have endured until now. A whole new life symbolized by Nao's imminent birth…

Karakuri Circus 33 - Fujita's

€ 5.95

The zonapha, the terrible disease without cure, is claiming more and more victims. On three different fronts, Masaru, Shirogane, and Narumi are desperately trying to prevent the realization of the plan hatched by the deadly sentient puppets. But who or what is behind their actions?

Shibuya Goldfish 10 prices from Aoi for € 7.50

As an atrocious reply to "that day", a new invasion begins. Harajuku is about to collapse under the advent of the giant goldfish, the peak of man-eating monster evolution. The fish begin to invade the surroundings of Shibuya, and the moment of assault on the whole world has now arrived.

Omega Tribe 8

by Tamai

€ 5.95

They have been present since the beginnings of human life on Earth and have tattooed on the body a frieze reminiscent of the Greek letter Omega. What will this mysterious group of chosen ones want? We'll find out in this 14-volume miniseries. Kaji is suddenly attacked by a man covered in scales. Just as he is about to succumb, a mysterious woman comes to his defense. But she too is an Omega

Buy Omega Tribe 8 on Amazon.

The Miserables 7

by Arai

€ 5.95

Seventh volume for Victor Hugo's masterpiece, masterfully rendered by the drawing of a very inspired Takahiro Arai. The passion between Cosette and Marius is now overwhelming, despite the lives of young people being upset by the now imminent revolution…

Himitsu The Top Secret 10

by Shimizu

6.95 €

The MRI investigation to find out who is behind the murder of Aoki's sister and wife has begun. But the Ninth agents will be faced with something absolutely unbelievable ... and shocking. Nykken and Yazu

Lockdown x School 2

€ 6.95

Day one after school closes. The students begin to realize the gravity of the situation and to study countermeasures to oppose the terrorists, who in the meantime have begun to publicly execute the teachers. In the meantime Souta Nohara, infected with a mysterious virus, has gained extraordinary abilities… along with an insatiable craving. The survival horror awarded as the best manga in the concoso "This manga is AMAZING!" Nakatani's Reversible Man

7.50 €

Warning: Exercise extreme caution! Truculent images, gruesome scenes, highly disturbing situations will risk turning you into the depths of your soul. GOEN is proud to present the new chapter of this exciting and shocking miniseries

Musical Code Zyklus 2

by Katagiri and Ninomiya

6.95 €

From the authors of the beautiful ARE YOU ALICE and ZANBARA an unusual and compelling manga, set in a world where musical instruments are beings with soul and intellect. Rentaro finally got Petrushka up and running. But an old acquaintance suddenly makes the appearance of him…

Evil Eater 3 - Kojino's

7,50 €

From Kojino's pencil, back the action horror that will leave you breathless. In the future, magic is recognized as a part of the scientific community. Technology makes it possible to bring the dead back to life, as long as someone else dies. Thus, if the Court deems it appropriate, the life of a murderer can be sacrificed to resurrect the victim. However, those who come back to life suffer a psychological trauma whereby negative emotions such as jealousy, revenge or anger are amplified. If left alone, the Returner becomes a dangerous monster, consumed by emotions and eventually transforms into a dangerous monster. The real role of the Enforcers is to eliminate these errors. The protagonists are Nagumo Kento, a professional exorcist, and his new shoulder, Amagi Yoko.

Buy Evil Eater 3 on Amazon.

Forza Genki 20

by Koyama

€ 6.95

Genki has undergone a terrible defeat in his training match, but that won't be enough to change his mind. His goal remains steadfast: to become a professional and directly challenge the man who was responsible for his father's death. A new volume of the manga that inspired one of the most important sports anime of the eighties, known in Italy with the title of "Forza Sugar", once again will not disappoint all fans of him!

Savage Garden 5

by Hyeon Sook

6,95 €

We are in England, in the 19th century. Gabriel, an orphan from a fallen noble family, befriends the young Jeremy, who will later be recognized as the illegitimate son of a noble and admitted to attend a prestigious male college. Following the death of his friend in mysterious circumstances, Gabriel will be forced to take on the role of Jeremy and take his place in the prestigious men's academy. At first glance, the institute is an unattainable paradise, but in reality it hides a cruel and murky side that Gabriel would never have imagined ...

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