R6S, Six Sweden Major 2021: FaZe Clan takes the win

R6S, Six Sweden Major 2021: FaZe Clan takes the win

R6S, Six Sweden Major 2021

The last major of the year of R6S, the Six Sweden Major 2021, is won by the FaZe Clans who defeat the Ninjas in Pajamas in the final.

The competitive season of Rainbow Six Siege, despite the health emergency, it never stopped. Unfortunately Ubisoft has not yet been able to open its events to the public, but the Six Sweden Major 2021, the last major of the calendar year, was at least played with all the teams live, without preclusions of any kind.

In this way the Brazilians of the FaZe Clan were the winners, who were able to take home a very intense carioca derby against the Ninjas in Pajamas.


Gävle hosted the Six Sweden Major 2021 As we said, the Six Sweden Major 2021 was the first fully live event after the Covid-19 pandemic. Ubisoft has decided to organize the tournament in Sweden in order to allow all teams to reach the venue without any restrictions whatsoever.

The tournament took place in Gävle, a city north of the capital Stockholm. The 16 participating teams fought for about a week with the aim of getting their hands on the $ 200,000 that owed to the winners, out of a total of $ 500,000 in prize money.

The tournament was divided into two parts . It started with an "Italian" round in which the teams were divided into four groups of four. The top two of each group got access to the playoffs, played in single rounds. This means that there were no second chances: if you lost you would return home, without second chances.

Ride victorious

FaZe Clans win in Six Sweden Major 2021 Looking at the results, the final was pretty obvious. The Faze Clans and the Ninjas in Pajamas, in fact, despite the level of the opponents, reached the end of the tournament with an almost clear path. The two Brazilian teams first dominated their respective groups with a peremptory 5-0-0-1 and then reached the final almost on velvet.

The Ninjas in Pajamas were at the top of the board they defeated the Spacestation Gaming in the quarterfinals and the Germans Rogue in the semifinals with a peremptory 2-0.

The FaZe Clan beat the French BDS Esport in the quarterfinals by 2-0, before losing a match against DAMWON Gaming, one of the most popular Korean teams.

The final between two teams in such good shape could only be an exciting tug-of-war. Played to the best of 5 games, Faze Clan and Ninjas in Pajamas took turns in command of operations. The Faze, in fact, won the round with a peremptory 7 to 1. The second game, perhaps the most exciting of the final, was a long head-to-head over Villa which was won by the NIPs 11 to 9. With the wind in stern the Ninja went ahead 2-1, winning the third round 7 to 4.

With two match points available, the unthinkable happened. The Faze gathered around their Cyber ​​MVP and with a double 7 to 3 they first tied the scores and then won the Six Sweden Major 2021.

Road to Six Invitational 2022

The teams qualified for the Six Invitational 2022 At the end of the tournament, Ubisoft also unveiled the last act of the competitive season of Rainbow 6 Siege: the Six Invitational. The most important appointment of the season will be played from 8 to 20 February 2022 in Montreal, Canada. During this meeting the R6S World Champion will be crowned.

For the moment, 16 teams have already qualified. Another 4 will be chosen through regional qualifications. Only one team from each continent will have a chance to reach the strongest teams on the planet.

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