PS5: Sony's best 7 exclusives that we would want on the next gen console

PS5: Sony's best 7 exclusives that we would want on the next gen console


As we all know, the expression "console war" is used to indicate the clash on the videogame market between platforms of competing brands. With this article, however, we will show you that the term can also have a further meaning, perhaps more tragic and poignant.

Think about it: how many games, how many sagas have you seen die during the succession of the various generations of machines? And doesn't this vaguely resemble a war that leaves casualties behind on the battlefield? Ok, right, the comparison is a bit forced, the fact is that Playstation 5 is finally among us and it could be the right opportunity to see some Sony exclusives, cut off by the cleaver of time, reborn from their ashes.

In this super subjective top 7 we have brought together those names that we believe deserve to return to the stage of notoriety. But for the moment they are all in the next few lines.

7. Wipeout

The Wipeout series has always been synonymous with adrenaline. with "Beatles" or "Anfield Road", it's understandable. If, however, he was passionate about video games, there would be no "Yellow Submarine" or Momo Salah that holds: the answer would certainly be "Psygnosis". In fact, they are the creators of one of the most popular franchises by users since the birth of the first, glorious Playstation: Wipeout.

With this title, the British software house - since 1997, Studio Liverpool - put us to the "relaxing" "driving an antigravity spaceship capable of reaching 1500 kilometers per hour, equipped with devastating weapons, on the track with friends ready to disintegrate us without much compliments in order to obtain the title of best pilot in the Anti Gravity Racing League.

Between a Prodigy track and one of the Chemical Brothers to act as a soundtrack, the saga successfully crossed the first three parlor Playstations and performed a handful of off-piste on portable ones with Wipeout Pure, Pulse and 2048, the latter returned together with Wipeout HD in the Wipeout Omega Collection released in 2017.

We will not deny it, we are cheating: Wipeout also made some fleeting appearances on SEGA Saturn, Nintendo 64 and PC, but it is impossible not to associate this name with Playstation, perhaps precisely because the first chapter accompanied the launch of the gray box on the European market.

Despite the imminent return to mobile with Wipeout Rush, the propulsion of the series seems to have run out, but the satisfaction of the public is still high, and who knows if PS5 may not be the right circuit for a great restart.

6. Ape Escape

Ape Escape made the use of DualShock mandatory " What needs to be done i n this game? "," Well, basically you have to catch monkeys with a net to prevent their super intelligent boss from taking over the world ".

Here, the faces of our friends after receiving a Such an answer was more or less that of someone who has an acquaintance who needs psychiatric treatment for having spent 49,900 lire for something like this, isn't it? But appearances, my lady, are deceiving, and if in 1999 we had stopped at the surface we would not have been able to enjoy one of the most fun and crazy Sony products ever: Ape Escape.

The peculiarity with which the first chapter gained media attention was the innovative use of the DualShock, or rather, the exclusive use. Ape Escape in fact was playable only with the help of the analog sticks of the new Sony controller, forcing the old pad to be scrapped. The gimmick resulted in a practically perfect control system, in which Spike's actions returned solid and satisfying feedback to the player.

The main trend stopped in 2005 on PS2 after 3 episodes, but the brand however, it spawned a host of monkey-themed spin-offs and party games, many of which never came out of Japan. The power of PS5 could make the hunt for primates even more compelling, and we just have to cross the opposable thumbs.

5. Forbidden Siren

How many times have you got it under while playing to Forbidden Siren? Noi 21 A remote rural village in Japan where the failure of an obscure ritual transforms the inhabitants into an army of ... of ... of ... "so" under the orders of the possessed on duty, eager to awaken a ancient monster that maybe didn't even want to know anything about it.

This, in summary, is the opening words of Forbidden Siren, a title for Playstation 2 developed internally by Sony which apparently, in 2004, had nothing better to do that push us to play wearing a diaper. The terrifying story is told through the exploits of ten, very normal survivors of the crazy ceremony, who find themselves wandering around the charming village among fog, darkness, rain and blood in order to bring home the leather.

The series it distinguished itself for the suggestive introduction of "sight-jacking", an interesting system through which it was possible to see through the eyes of our disgusting enemies, in order to avoid clashes or find the solution to overcome certain areas of the game. The abandonment of Forbidden Siren after the second chapter, not to mention the remake of the first, which arrived on PS3 in 2008, is an indelible bloodstain for many fans, who have been waiting for the shred of good news for years.

But can you imagine what Forbidden Siren could be on PS5? No?

Well, maybe it's better not to do it.

4. Tombi!

Not many have been lucky enough to be able to play Tombi's first adventure! "Take everything off me, but not my grandfather's bracelet." Here, if they had used this as a launch advertising phrase, Tombi's destiny and sales! they probably would have had better luck.

The swine adventure of the young savage with a sober look - pink hair and green shorts - is one of the most bizarre Playstation exclusives ever, but it met with far from happy results in terms of receipts. The fault of a distribution policy between the villain and the coward, with very few copies placed on the market, such as to make Tombi! a real rarity then, and an expensive piece of antiques today. In fact, try to buy it used and we bet that your hair will turn pink when you pay for it, trust me.

Too bad because the Whoopee Camp side-scrolling platformer was inspired, fun and light-hearted and winked at the mythological mechanics Ghosts' n Goblins, albeit with some interesting additions. To retrieve the precious jewel of his grandfather stolen from him by the evil Koma pigs, Tombi could jump, cling, attack with the baton and the boomerang and move in the background to reach areas behind the main path.

A couple of d years after Tombi! 2 guided the protagonist towards a sort of third dimension, without however the freshness that made the prequel famous. Our dream is to find those damned pigs on PS5: Tombi! 3 has never seen the light and we still have an unfinished business with them.

3. Parasite Eve

The atmosphere of Parasite Eve was truly fascinating In the wake of the thrilling success of Capcom with the very first Resident Evil, the leaders of Squaresoft must have gathered around a table to establish that their supremacy in the field of fantasy atmospheres was not enough.

The software house thus threw itself headlong into a project which was born in 1998, an action role-playing game with a strong survival horror imprint, the first Squaresoft title to be branded as "Mature" by the American classification body ESRB: Parasite Eve. The story tells the nightmare of the New York policewoman Aya Brea, grappling with a sticky investigation into some creatures capable of controlling the energy of the mitochondria present in human cells.

In 2000, Parasite Eve II allowed the brand to officially land also in the old continent, betraying the style of the predecessor in favor of a combat system in real time which, however, turned out to be too similar to that of Resident Evil. Then, a ten-year pause for reflection, interrupted by the arrival on the shelves of The 3rd Birthday, a spin-off and, at the same time, direct sequel to the series, which stood out for three characteristics above all: a bizarre plot that not even Christopher Nolan with hallucinations, a pure shooter setting and the exclusive landing on PSP (Parasite Eve, from book to game: if you are interested in the history of the series).

The saga has always oscillated between criticism and originality, detractors and fans, but the awareness that on PS5 it could rise again with something really stylish makes us literally go into self-combustion.

2. Siphon Filter

We know that your occupation favorite in Siphon Filter was to set fire to enemies with the taser, do not deny it Try to prove us wrong if we say that in times of Covid-19 someone like Gabe Logan would have served like bread: a secret agent who chases a mysterious virus around the world to hit i of taser, just to stop him from doing damage.

We are in 1999, the millennium is winding down and Metal Gear Solid has just set a new standard for third-person adventures. Siphon Filter, an adrenaline-pumping action with a pleasant name like the chalk on the blackboard developed by Eidetic, the current Bend Studios, also joins the pursuit of Konami's masterpiece. The points in common between the mission of Gabe Logan and that of Solid Snake are however very few, and Siphon Filter manages to carve out a generous slice of fans who are clamoring for a sequel.

Siphon Filter 2 arrives in stores the following year and is an authentic pearl, which expands the gameplay of the predecessor with intelligent solutions capable of launching it in the Gotha of great shooters. The third episode unfortunately fails to replicate its quality, but this small step backwards is nothing compared to what the first chapter developed directly for PS2 combines in 2004: Siphon Filter: The Omega Strain, a title that is certainly capable of giving the best. of himself with the console off and the disc still sealed.

PSP thinks about reviving the fortunes of a seemingly doomed franchise: Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow are in fact two masterpieces, undoubtedly the best incarnations of series as well as, unfortunately, the latest ones to date.

Although we have had enough of viruses and pandemics, PS5 would certainly be the ultimate weapon in the fight against the Siphon Filter, which has been forgotten for too long.

1. Extermination

Net of a few flaws, Extermination was a really successful mix of genres. Disappointed? Doubtful? Disappointed? And you hurt to be because in the first year of Playstation 2's life, Extermination represented something more than a welcome surprise, with its mix of ideas and atmospheres borrowed from Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Carrier.

Among the ice of the Antarctic, some scientists are conducting studies on a mysterious alien creature called ORIGIN; searches soon take a turn for the worse - but okay? - and it will be the task of Sergeant Dennis Riley and his Team Red Light to rush to the scene to investigate.

A camera with the IQ of a marble shelf, character animations in plaster, sometimes too massive backtracking: all true . Yet Extermination knew how to entertain and intrigue, thanks to John Carpenter's "The Thing" style settings and a respectable sound sector. The production turned out to be spot on and critics and audiences responded with a "For me it is yes" which, however, was not enough to guarantee a well-deserved follow-up to Deep Space's survival horror.

That's why his first position in this ranking symbolizes both an acknowledgment for its qualities and a medal of valor as an illustrious fallen in war. But we hope it can also be a good omen to see the brand return to PS5, perhaps, who knows, in the form of a remake.

Did we forget any exclusives? What is your answer in the affirmative? But remember that with your help this top 7 can become a top 10, 20, even 50 if you want, just have your say in the comments below.

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