Xbox, the next live will be unmissable

Xbox, the next live will be unmissable


Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of the Xbox in a truly impeccable way, now that it has changed the graphics of its official website by remembering the interface and the colors of the very first console, as well as with a special controller, lots of merchandise and unreleased events. In fact, we also know that the company will hold a special FanFest dedicated to the anniversary, but we don't know what will be announced specifically.

Adding more details is Jez Corden from the Xbox Two podcast, who previously had leaked some information in advance which turned out to be true. A source of him would have revealed that the next direct of the company will be unmissable and that no one will have to miss it. A very vague comment, which does not refer to any particular announcement but which inevitably feeds the expectations of all fans of the Xbox world.

Corden then explained that his source claims to believe that there will be no announcements of new games, all the more reason to ask questions about what will actually be shown during the next FanFest. We could think of a possible acquisition of new development teams, given that for some time there have been rumors of news in this sense, or great introductions in the Game Pass catalog, as well as many Square Enix titles.

What it is certain is that we can certainly expect great news regarding the Xbox universe, given that Microsoft is unlikely to be able to meet the expectations of the players. If you want to learn more about what Jez Corden said, you can watch the latest episode of his podcast and go to 1:15:00. What do you expect from the next Xbox FanFest? Please let us know by commenting at the bottom and stay tuned on our pages to not miss any further news.

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Walmart has PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles online today at 3PM ET

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It’s November, and the holiday shopping season is well upon us. Early Black Friday deals have already begun, and there’s sure to be a lot more in store for us come actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But the hottest tickets of the season, just as they were last year, are the still-hard-to-get consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Today, we bring some good news for you. Walmart has just launched its restock of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, starting at 3PM ET / 12PM PT today, Friday, November 5th.

The consoles are hard enough to come by, but we don’t always get a drop of both Sony and Microsoft consoles at the same time — Walmart has been the only one doing so recently. Today’s restock will include the disc-based PlayStation 5 for $500 and its less-costly sibling, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for $400. On the Microsoft front, Walmart’s offerings for today only include the top-tier Xbox Series X for $500.

We strongly advise creating or logging in to your Walmart account in advance of 3PM. Make sure you already have your correct billing and shipping information added to minimize potential risk of delays or issues during the checkout process. If you don’t land the console of your choice right at 3PM, be sure to keep trying as Walmart often releases more stock in 10-minute increments until it’s all cleared out.

Since buying a console is only one part of the equation, we have gone ahead and pulled together some key accessories, game subscriptions, and notable titles you might also consider during your purchase. Many of the options below are on sale or discounted, unlike the consoles, so you can save some money as you step into the latest gaming generation. We’ve even got an exclusive deal for Verge readers on a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus, this weekend only or while supplies last, for just $38 from Eneba (use code PLUSYEAR at checkout). If picking up any of these accessories or titles at Walmart, add them to your cart ahead of time so you’re ready to go if you manage to nab a console.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

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