Microsoft doesn't want you to change your default browser

Microsoft doesn't want you to change your default browser

As we have already reported some time ago, Windows 11 makes it more difficult, but certainly not impossible, to change the default browser (Edge). However, in some cases it is not enough to change all file associations from the settings panel and, for this purpose, the third-party application EdgeDeflector came to the aid of users, which did nothing but direct the links to a browser of their choice. with “microsoft-edge” protocol.

Credit: Microsoft However, Microsoft does not seem to have accepted this and has decided to block this possibility. The company, interviewed by colleagues at The Verge, said:

Windows openly enables applications and services on its platform, including various web browsers. At the same time, Windows also offers some end-to-end client experiences. on both Windows 10 and Windows 11: The Search from Taskbar Experience is an example of an end-to-end experience that isn't designed to be redirected. When we become aware of an improper redirect, we issue a fix.

This "fix" appears to be in an update for Windows 11 already distributed to Beta and Release Preview users and should arrive soon also to final consumers.

Obviously, this decision has caused some discontent. A Mozilla spokesperson said:

People deserve a choice. They should have the ability to set default options simply and easily, and their choice of default browser should be respected. We have been working on the code that launches Firefox when Microsoft Edge protocol is used for those users who have already chosen Firefox as their default browser. Following the recent change to Windows 11, this planned rollout will no longer be possible.

Microsoft seems to have taken a rather hard line to make sure that users of Windows 11 stay on Edge as much as possible, a browser that is however rather appreciated by a certain part of the user; therefore, it should not need any further "push" from the manufacturer.

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