LEGO presents the new Chinese New Year 2022 sets in Shanghai

LEGO presents the new Chinese New Year 2022 sets in Shanghai

LEGO presented today, during the fourth edition of the annual China International Import Expo in Shanghai, the new sets dedicated to the celebrations of the Chinese New Year 2022. Let's go and discover them together?

It has been for several years now that LEGO has been creating sets that celebrate Chinese holidays and in particular it is since 2019 that it has been producing real playsets that pay homage to the many aspects of the most important Chinese holiday, that is the Lunar New Year which this year celebrates the year of the Tiger.

We have talked extensively about this line of sets in our article, which we can now update with the last two arrivals:

LEGO # 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions LEGO # 80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival Let's find out together the information we have so far and for which we thank JAY'S BRICK BLOG.

LEGO # 80108 Lunar New Year Traditions

The set is a modular construction in a really neat cartoon style, with different modules that reproduce a series of domestic and other environments, within which different characters represented by as many Minifigures are "portrayed" ment kings celebrate Chinese New Year. Each module "captures" one of the various traditions of the Chinese New Year: cleaning the house waiting for friends and relatives, visiting grandparents, going to shops etc. One module in particular contains the minifigure of the Chinese God of Prosperity, complete with the traditional red packet and a gold ingot.

Based on how they were displayed at the LEGO booth, it would appear that the individual modules could be arranged in a radial pattern or one on top of the other to form a sort of pyramid.

Let's see together a synopsis of the various levels of this pyramid.


The Chinese New Year is all about wishing each other wealth and prosperity. The Minifigure included in this module depicts Caishen, the God of money and prosperity. It is often revered in the hope that it will bless the faithful with wealth in the new year.

Central level

The module on the left represents the preparation of the house for the arrival of the Chinese New Year, with banners and greeting stickers hanging from the entrances, as well as a mandarin tree. Mandarins are significant because the Chinese word "kam" is a namesake of mandarin and gold, so the act of giving mandarins is similar to giving gold.

The next form represents the Chinese New Year tradition of visiting the grandparents, who give their children and their children not yet married red packages with money inside. The paper bag similar to those given to us in the LEGO Store is very realistic.


Inside the left module we find the couple already protagonist of the previous s and LEGO # 80107 Spring Lantern Festival, which once again wear coordinated outfits. The girl seems to be cleaning their house, another important custom related to preparations, since tradition has it that cleaning is not done during the New Year, because it could also wipe out prosperity and luck. The man is also seen holding a duster of colored feathers in his hand.

The central module reproduces a traditional Chinese stall, which sells toys and statuettes on sticks.

Finally, the module a right features the same family as the parent set of the line, the LEGO set # 80101 New Year's Eve Dinner, "portrayed" while watching variety shows on TV, staying up late (the clock strikes 23:59) waiting for the new year!

As for the box and the instructions, it seems that LEGO has thought of a construction all together for this set.

It seems that each module has its own instruction booklet, so that the different members of the same family can each build their own favorite module and have fun all together. A detail: the cover of each manual recalls the red and gold envelopes traditionally donated by grandparents to grandchildren mentioned above.

At this link you can see the complete set in rotation on a rotating base.

LEGO # 80109 Lunar New Year Ice Festival

The set looks to all intents and purposes inspired by the well-known Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. It represents a really beautiful party scene, made up of a multitude of characters. Also part of the set with the Year of the Tiger Zodiac Minifigure (2022)! Thanks to the user Wooden Duck of the WEIBO platform, you can see below other detailed photos of the set. Do we have a hint of Perry the Platypus as well? skating and cardboards of the Zodiac Tiger character to use for selfies, as well as the cart that sells roasted chestnuts, a delicacy as popular in China and Asia as it is here in winter.

Not yet available pricing information for the two sets, but will be available on for China and the Asia / Pacific region starting December 25, while the rest of the world will be available for purchase from January 1, 2022. We will update you as soon as we have more detailed information.

Special thanks go to JAY's BRICK BLOG for reporting and gathering information.

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