Because we can no longer accept that we are talking about femicides as did Barbara Palombelli

Because we can no longer accept that we are talking about femicides as did Barbara Palombelli

The host of the Forum feeds a narrative that blames the victims. Something that we can no longer accept in an Italy that has recorded 83 femicides since the beginning of the year

Barbara Palombelli at Forum On 5 September Chiara Ugolini, 27, is killed during the sexual assault suffered by her neighbor home. On 7 September Piera Muresu was wounded, almost fatally, by two shots fired by her partner. The day after her Ada Rotini is stabbed to death by her husband, the day of her divorce. It is the same fate as Angelica Salis, stabbed to death by her husband on 9 September, and Giuseppina Di Luca, who died on 13 September. On the same day, Sonia Lattari dies under the blows of her husband during a quarrel. September 10: Rita Amenze is shot dead in a parking lot. Her main suspect is her ex-husband. While on September 15 Alessandra Zorzin is killed by a man she had recently met who shot her in the face.

These are some of the 83 cases of femicide that have occurred in Italy since the beginning of 2021. Clear cases of gender-based violence taken to its utmost terms, behind which lies (not at all covertly) the inability, on the part of a man, to recognize that a woman is free to make her own choices, to distance herself from a relationship, to refuse advances, to support one's position in a quarrel. "As you know, in the last seven days there have been seven crimes", the historic host of Forum Barbara Palombelli summed up in front of this recent series of femicides during the transmission of her: "Seven women killed, presumably by seven men. This is just to say the last week ". So far all correct.

Then, however, Palombelli, in introducing the transmission, took a consideration: "Sometimes, however, it is also legitimate to wonder: these men were completely out of their minds, completely clouded, or there was also a maddening and aggressive behavior on the other side as well? It is a question, we must necessarily do it, because we must, especially here, which is a court, examine all the hypotheses ”.

The hypothesis that Palombelli puts forward, in his seat which is not a court, but a television studio in which at most judicial cases are reconstructed, is as legitimate as it is legitimate to ask a person who has survived sexual violence how she was dressed. As the feminist Carlotta Vagnoli points out on Instagram: "Not only is it called victim blaming, but it is also the invisibility of a disastrous and universal cultural phenomenon. Not only is it blaming, but it is also giving a huge assist to the culture of rape ”.

A narrative to be demolished

To carry on this narrative - to the sound of the description of the killers as good men who have had an inexplicable fit, who have gone out of their minds, who loved too much, who no longer knew what to do - Palombelli is certainly not the only one. We are faced with a media and cultural phenomenon that is deeply rooted in the way we are used to narrating femicides, which is always repeated in the same way in the face of each new drama.

And with each new drama the pressing request is raised again, by those involved in the fight against gender violence at all levels but also only by those who are tired of seeing the victims blamed for their own death , to pay more attention. To escape what in the best of cases is the desire to write a click-catching article, and in the worst case it is really the demonstration that a considerable part of the protagonists of Italian journalism do not want to understand what we are talking about when we talk about femicide.

That is, to disturb the prestigious Center for Human Rights of the University of Padua, of the killings that affect women because they are women, which "do not constitute isolated incidents, the result of sudden loss of control or psychiatric pathologies, but they are configured as the last act of a continuum of economic, psychological, physical or sexual violence ”. “Extreme gestures of violence that underlie a complex reality of oppression, inequality, abuse, violence and systematic violation of women's rights”, add the scholars. Certainly not sudden fits born of the same type of anger that rises "at the traffic lights, when the television does not turn on or when the water does not come out of the tap", as Palombelli seems to believe.

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