GTA Trilogy: Rockstar client down on PC, papabile reason revealed

GTA Trilogy: Rockstar client down on PC, papabile reason revealed

GTA Trilogy

As we reported this morning, the Rockstar Games client on PC is not accessible. And this situation obviously led to the inability to play GTA Trilogy. What initially seemed a normal maintenance, however, takes on unclear contours. And based on what the dataminers have found inside the collection, the damage could be almost self-induced.

According to what VGC reports, in fact, several dataminers have found very important and confidential files inside GTA Trilogy. Digging deep into the game files reveals development annotations of the original versions, cut missions and codenames used within the Rockstar Games studios. In addition to all this, there are also songs cut for copyright reasons, which can be enabled with a simple script. This situation affects all three titles in the trilogy, although the main focus is on San Andreas, as it owns the entire original soundtrack.

The PC version of GTA Trilogy has been defined by Vladim M ( one of the most active dataminer regarding the games of the Rockstar Games series) as a sort of Holy Grail for fans. The amount of data inside it is in fact incredible and they were all obviously undisclosed to the public. And this is where the question arises: could Rockstar Games have decided to KO the client to delete all references and upload a new build to the store?

To be honest, I haven't even launched any game yet.

Looking through the mission sources is more fun.

This is what you can find by lurking through "Green Saber" sources.

Found by @ rollschuh2282

- Vadim M. (@NationalPepper) November 11, 2021

Halfway between conspiracy theory and reality, it is very likely that the launch of GTA Trilogy was fundamentally wrong. We do not know if the client was actually taken out of the game by Rockstar itself, but it appears clear that to eliminate all references to the development and the soundtrack to which the team no longer owns the rights, when the client goes back online the players will have in their hands. a completely different package from the one launched yesterday.

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The ‘Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition’ Launch Is A Mess



It definitely seemed a bit strange that zero review codes went out ahead of time for the release of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. And also that we’d essentially seen only a few seconds of gameplay ahead of launch.

Now, the game is out, and while there are certain bright spots, the general consensus seems to be that this port of all three games is generally rough, often broken and seemingly rushed.

First, something is going on with the PC release of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition specifically, where Rockstar is no longer offering it for sale on its website, and players reported gamebreaking issues with it, with some not being able to start the game up at all.

Then, there are the character models, which have been circulated widely around the internet and been turned into memes. In certain game moments, the new models look either absurd or just…genetically improbable.

The game does not run well on many platforms, and attempting to play it in some circumstances, especially rain, is nothing short of a nightmare:

The game doesn’t always look this bad, to be sure. The world itself, generally speaking, is a big improvement over the originals, but we have seen so many remakes and remasters over the years, that this just pales in comparison to all of them, and is well below what you’d expect for some of the most famous, biggest-selling video games in history.

An additional problem with all this is the steps Rockstar has taken to ensure this is effectively the only version of these games out there now. They have removed the old versions of all three games for sale, and they have spent years hunting down modders who have tried to do their own remasters of the games. So now it’s this very, very troubled version, or nothing.

This also raises questions of what the final quality of the GTA 5 update for next-gen consoles will be like when it arrives next year. It was delayed out of this fall, and already has been criticized for barely noticeable changes, though nothing quite as meme-worthy as what we’re seeing here. Still, it may give players pause when picking up that version, if this is how this remaster has gone.

I’ve asked Rockstar what’s going on with the PC version, and will update when I hear back. Rockstar has really posted nothing at all about any of these issues, short of the fact that the launcher was down for maintenance for a while last night. We don’t know what future patches may arrive to improve what we’re seeing here, but it’s clear this game needs a lot of help.

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