Ergonomic office chairs | The best of 2021

Ergonomic office chairs | The best of 2021

We have already proposed a summary article with the main desks on the market, but now we want to focus our attention on the best ergonomic office chairs, so that you can complete the essential furniture of your studio. Whether you are a smart working worker or an employee, you must sit in a comfortable chair to improve comfort and avoid posture problems and therefore unwanted pain and discomfort in the long run.

There are various models on the market, each of them which have different characteristics, such as the presence or absence of armrests. There are also those with soft padding or a rigid structure, while those with fabric or leather and imitation leather upholstery. The specifications differ according to the supporting structure of the chair, in fact there are static or adjustable ones, with feet or wheels.

Therefore, ergonomic office chairs boast different technical characteristics, which can naturally affect the level of comfort and productivity at work. In this article, therefore, we will show you the best solutions, while at the bottom of the article you will find a short and effective wiki to choose one yourself.

The best ergonomic office chairs

Hbada office chair Songmics OBG57B Songmics OBN55BG Homcom office / gaming chair Cinius natural ergonomic chair

Hbada office chair

Let's start this buying guide with a product with excellent characteristics, available at an extremely competitive price. We are talking about the Hbada office chair, which is characterized by an ergonomic and eccentric design due to its shapes and general style. It can withstand a weight, under static pressure, of up to 1,136 kg and ensures support for the waist and spine, in order to relieve back pain. It boasts a comfortable and breathable mesh backrest, as well as a durable seat cushion. Of course, it is also possible to adjust all the main components of the chair, such as the armrests and the backrest.


Songmics OBG57B

Lovers of "traditional" they will find the Songmics OBG57B ergonomic office chair to be one of the best products around. This solution, in fact, is wrapped in a PU imitation leather, easy to clean, while the seat is padded with high-density sponge, resistant to deformation and other stresses caused by use. Furthermore, it guarantees excellent stability and reliability, given its specifications and dimensions, which can support up to 150 kg.


Songmics OBN55BG

Office chairs must adapt to any ambient temperature, especially during the summer season. There are some solutions that meet this particular need, and provide for the adoption of a net instead of fabric as a solution. The Songmics OBN55BG chair therefore provides an ergonomic, comfortable and reliable design, as it is fully adjustable by hand up to 120 degrees. Thanks to the flexible backrest, you can easily switch between working and relaxing modes. There is also the possibility to adjust the height of the chair, the armrests, the headrest and the lumbar support to obtain the most comfortable sitting position.


Armchair Homcom office / gaming

In this purchase guide a solution suitable for gaming could not be missing, in fact we present the office / gaming chair made by Homcom, a reality that in recent years has been making its way into the Amazon marketplace , and also in our pages. The chair in question has an ergonomic design, thanks to a foam padded seat, as well as having a removable headrest and lumbar cushion. The chair is fully adjustable in height to match that of your body and desk. The armrests, on the other hand, are adjustable forwards, backwards and in other positions.


Cinius natural ergonomic chair

Closes the circle of ergonomic office chairs the one made by Cinius. It boasts a different design than usual, but we can assure you that it will be able to offer you a higher level of comfort than many other traditional chairs. Among its features we find a non-deformable padding and a very resistant cover fabric. Going into the details, the padding is shaped to offer comfortable support, while the structure is made of rubber-wood, which is also very resistant. In short, a product of excellent quality that should not be underestimated for its shape.


How to choose the ergonomic office chair

After having you pointed out the best ergonomic office chairs, let's analyze the technical characteristics to look for in such a product:

Type Quality materials Structure and secondary Accessories Quality / price ratio


As in all the categories that are respected, even that of ergonomic office chairs boasts different types of products, which we can define as:

Traditional chairs. Office chairs are common, but with the addition of a series of features, which make it possible to effectively reduce all problems related to back pain and joint pain. Knee-supported chairs. Compared to traditional ones, these chairs have a completely different shape, and allow you to literally rest on your lap to work. A gimmick that allows you to unload the weight, in a more or less uniform way, along the legs, allowing you to swing without maintaining the same position for a long time.

Material quality

The quality of the materials is one of the primary characteristics before making the purchase because it will determine the resistance of the product itself. In fact, higher quality will guarantee excellent durability, which should not be underestimated for any other reason. Beyond the quality of the materials, the chairs are made with different fabrics:

Maglia, that is a particularly elastic material such as polypropylene. A product with such a material is very breathable, and is therefore recommended in a warm environment or for those who sweat profusely. On the other hand, the mesh tends to be poorly absorbing around the edges of the chair, especially close to the frame. Fabric, that is, that material very similar to that of clothing. In essence, it is a composite of cotton and vinyl, which makes it easier for users to choose colors, as manufacturers can produce an incredibly wide range of colors in this case. The fabric, however, can be subject to stains, wear and tends to make you sweat, especially in hot seasons. Leather or Imitation leather, are two materials that are as different from each other as they are similar. In the first case, the leather products are more resistant, but have a much higher cost, while in the second case the leatherette products are cheap but less durable, as they are subject to greater wear.

Structure and secondary accessories

The structure of an ergonomic chair follows the lines of a simple chair. We therefore have the following structural elements:

The height of the seat. This is a very important factor because it must jointly adapt to the height of the user and the desk. It must be considered that many desks are not customizable in height, which is why it is necessary to acquire a chair that can perfectly adapt to the latter. This means that, considering that desks can reach a height of about 70-80 cm, the seat must therefore be between 40 and 55 cm. Seat width. Considering that these two factors are very subjective, we still want to advise you to buy a chair that can allow you to get the right comfort. In fact, basically, the chairs can have a width of about 40-50 cm, instead the depth can vary according to the model of the chair, and therefore from the manufacturer. Back. The backrest is a fundamental element because it allows not only to improve comfort, but also to protect the health of one's spine, with all the consequent problems. Therefore, a backrest must allow the correct position of the back, and therefore should have a variable width, between 28 and 58 cm. In addition to this, he must try to follow the natural curves of the spine, in such a way as to provide adequate support to the lower back. Rotation and tilt. Nowadays all chairs can rotate on themselves and even tilt. These two functions are very important, as they allow you to significantly improve comfort, especially the inclination. For example, by increasing the inclination, the weight of one's body is projected from the lumbar area to the legs. Armrests. As the last structural element we find the armrests, which represent a fundamental component. It is very important to have a chair with armrests, as it increases comfort, especially after several working days. Secondary accessories are very important, but this aspect is mostly subjective. There are chairs with headrests, others with lumbar cushions (as in the case of gaming chairs, editor's note). Our advice is therefore to understand your needs, work or otherwise, before making the purchase. Among the most important are the lumbar support. It is a useful accessory for the vast majority of users who have postural pain, concentrating all the weight on the lumbar area. Usually, this happens when it is natural to move forward to the screen to work or when working for long periods without a break. The use of this accessory is very suitable for a correct posture of the shoulder, so as to align it with the pelvis, shoulders and head.

Quality / price ratio

In addition to what is explained in previously, it is necessary to pay attention to the so-called quality / price ratio. It is not enough to be bewitched by the negligible selling price, but you must pay attention to the level of the materials before proceeding with the purchase.

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