Dragons of Deceit: the release date of the new Dragonlance novel

Dragons of Deceit: the release date of the new Dragonlance novel

Dragons of Deceit

Dragonlance is one of the most well-known locations of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG, born from an idea of ​​the spouses Tracy and Laura Hickman and then expanded by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. For some time we had announced the release of a literary trilogy that would further expand the universe of Dragonlance. The authors had in fact revealed it in 2020 when they had filed a lawsuit against WotC for breach of contract. Now, finally, we have a release date as well as the name of the first book of the trilogy.

Dragons of Deceit: the new novel by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis

The first book of the new Dragonlance trilogy is called Dragons of Deceit and will again feature fan-favorite characters from the first two iconic trilogies, Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends (retrieved the novels on Amazon). When will it be released?

Dragons of Deceit will be available from 9 August 2022.

Here is the synopsis of the novel:

Destina Rosethorn, as her name suggests, believes she is a beloved daughter of destiny. But when her father dies in the War of the Spear, her carefully constructed world of her collapses. She not only lost her beloved father, but her inheritance that she left her: a rich boyfriend, and her dominion over the lands and the family castle. With nothing in the world to back her up but her wits and determination, she devises a bold plan: to secure the Time Travel Device she read about in one of her father's books and prevent the death of her father. she. The last known holder of the Device was one of the Heroes of the Spear: the free-spirited kender Tasselhoff Burrfoot. But when Destina arrives in Solace, home not only of Tas but also of comrades Caramon and Tika Majere, she sets in motion a chain of events more lethal than she had ever anticipated: a chain that could change not only her personal history, but the fate of the entire world, allowing a previously defeated evil to once again gain ancestry.

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Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit

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