Castlevania, the cosplay of Lenore by Irina Meier is a spoiler

Castlevania, the cosplay of Lenore by Irina Meier is a spoiler


Lenore is one of the most important characters of the third season of the Castlevania animated series, and Irina Meier was so impressed that she wanted to dedicate a new cosplay to her.

Of course, the scene represented in the photo is also a big spoiler for those who have not yet completed the vision of Castlevania season 3 (here the review), but in fact we have reached the fourth and therefore it can also be considered the quality of the interpretation.

"This scene from Castlevania mine moved, "wrote Irina in her post on Instagram. "Today I am delighted to be able to share with you a new photo with her outfit in the final scene and announce the launch of my new photo book, already available on Etsy."

It is not the first time that Irina Meier has dedicated a cosplay to the Queen of Styria: she already did it in August and she was not the only one to be inspired: Jannet also played Lenore.

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Castlevania Studio Reveals Pitch for Marvel Animated Series

Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind big hits such as Castlevania, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Blood of Zeus, and more revealed that years ago they had actually pitched Marvel on an animated series project! The studio might be a huge hit with fans these days thanks to how many hit animated action projects that have been produced over the years, and have even signed a special first-look deal with Netflix thanks to those respective hits, but it was a much different kind of world for the studio when it was first getting off the ground. 

Brad Graeber, CEO and COO of Powerhouse Animation, took to his personal Twitter account to give fans a look at one of their animated pitches that didn't get picked up, Marvel Era. This series was pitched to Marvel as a celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the company (back in 2014, as Graeber explains), and would have seen short stories following certain characters modeled after the art and animation styles of different eras of the past. Graeber shared a clip of this pitch with fans on Twitter to give a better idea of what might have been! Check it out below: 

As Graeber explained about the pitch, Powerhouse Animation had been doing work for Disney Interactive at the time and were asked to propose some projects. The team was passionate about the pitch and did as much as they could within a limited budget, workforce and time with eventual Castlevania series director Samuel Deats being credited as one of the team members who put work into the pitch. Graeber even noted what kind of shorts would have been a part of the project

These included 'a 40's Captain America [D-Day] story in the style of Fleischer studios, a Submariner U-boat story, a 60's X-men story that featured a mutant who led a cult with his powers...a very cinema 70's Luke Cage and Iron Fist, an 80's Punisher story that leaned into SCARFACE and MIAMI VICE, and a DEADPOOL story made based on cheesy 90s cartoons.' But as Graeber also explained, this was a pitch that was just kind of lost in the shuffle of Disney's changing approach to the Marvel Universe, Powerhouse Animation eventually picking up Castlevania instead, and more. 

But what do you think of Powerhouse Animation's pitch for the 'Marvel Era' animated series? Would you want to see the studio take on a Marvel property someday? What would you like to see from the studio next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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