Tribes of Midgard: Tips and Tricks for the Viking Action RPG

Tribes of Midgard: Tips and Tricks for the Viking Action RPG

Tribes of Midgard

Viking games are pretty cool. Many development studios think so too, which is why we have recently received some Viking survival titles. The last game that follows titles like Northgard, Valheim, and the like is Tribes of Midgard.

The action RPG combines roguelite, survival, and tower defense mechanics and creates a pretty interesting gaming experience . In addition, Tribes of Midgard (buy now € 29.99) can be enjoyed with up to nine other players, which makes the whole thing up to nine times more fun.

The title can also be played quite well solo , it seems hardest at the moment for smaller groups of 2-4 people. In the game itself you have the choice between the saga mode, which gives you the goal of defeating the saga boss. This will change with every season and some other innovations should also come into play with every new season, since the title was developed as a live service game. There is also the survival mode, which is much more relaxed to play and goes on forever.

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Page 1 Tribes of Midgard - Tips and Tricks, Page 1 1.1 Souls, souls, and even more souls 1.2 Your NPCs want a few levels up too 1.3 Fast travel is pretty handy 1.4 Der The most threatening enemy is the water 1.5 Trees really don't have it easy 1.6 Give your resources a new home 1.7 Solo, but not alone 1.8 There are also quests 1.9 Besides quests there are also events page 2 Tribes of Midgard - Tips and Tricks, page 2 2.1 Fortnite is also in the game You can build ramps and the like 2.2 Again, help your villagers with the blood moon 2.3 Shelter fragments are stupid and not worth your time. You deserve better! 2.4 Do you no longer need your resources? Take it to the dealer! 2.5 Legendary equipment is cool, but unnecessary 2.6 What should a good run look like? 2.7 Exploring at night has several advantages 2.8 So how does a good walk continue? Page 3 Image gallery for "Tribes of Midgard: Tips and tricks for Viking action ... Unfold Tribes of Midgard is not a particularly challenging game, but the first few iteration in Saga mode can get very tough. So we have for everyone Viking newbies have compiled a few tips and tricks so that you too can put an end to Fenrir. These tips work for a group of any size, but since the author of these lines has not yet acquired the Friends DLC, he can only rely on our experiences when playing solo.

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Souls, souls, and more souls

Almost everything you want to do in Tribes of Midgard needs souls. With these you repair your equipment, strengthen your NPCs, they even refill the life points of your tree and let you build a mine, a sawmill and defensive structures like gates. So it is of course a good thing that every action grants you a few souls. Whether you cut down a tree or butcher a few opponents, you get souls for everything. In the various enemy camps there is always at least one chest, which, in addition to a few helpful items, also grants you a lot of souls.

So when you first enter the world, you should already collect souls because these represent an integral part of the game. It is important to note that you will lose all of your souls if you ever go down. This can be circumvented at least a little by a rune, but you should always put the majority of your souls into the various projects that you are currently running. Nothing is worse than going on it with thousands of souls in the middle of nowhere and losing a whole day of in-game work.

Your NPCs want a few levels up too

Not just yours Game character can get stronger in Tribes of Midgard. You can also reinforce four of your NPC villagers with souls up to level 5. Bringing an NPC to this level costs you a proud 3,250 souls, which can of course be quite a sum with the four NPCs. Fortunately, you don't have to level every Viking villager to the maximum level. It is enough to only bring the tinkerer and the blacksmith to level 4 and the armorsmith and the trapper to level 3 in a normal playthrough. This gives you access to all the items you need to challenge and defeat the saga boss Fenrir.

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Fast travel is pretty handy

At the beginning of the game you have a rune that you can use to get into teleport your village. However, this has a really high cooldown and should therefore only be used in emergencies. Fortunately, there are numerous shrines dotted around the map that act as a fast travel system. However, you have to activate these first, so you should go to the great unknown world directly on the first day to discover a few fast travel points.

After activation, these shrines function as fast travel points. Source: PCGames There is also one of these shrines in your village, which makes it easy to travel back and forth quickly. By the way: There is always a shrine next to every trader who lives in the wilderness, so that you can quickly buy and sell items if something is missing.

This is the most threatening enemy Water

The Tribes of Midgard map is crossed by numerous rivers. These are pretty to look at, but absolutely deadly. You can't just walk into the water, the game blocks this path, but with an evasive roll or an unlucky hit from an opponent you can get wet pretty easily. This causes immediate death and of course the loss of your collected materials and, more importantly, your souls.

These stones show you that you can cross the river. Source: PCGames But there is also something good about it: The game's various types of opponents have also not received their seahorses and are therefore swallowed up by the masses of water just as quickly as you. Every now and then it can happen that an opposing archer plays an evasive role just to land in the water. It's annoying when a golden horn - the resource you can use to create legendary items, among other things - is dropped in the water, but at least you didn't have to deal with the archer.

By the way, you can cross rivers if there is a cluster of stones in them. You can see this very easily on the minimap.

Trees really don't have it easy

When you are out and about to collect stones, iron and wood, however, the items you need are there go to pieces, you don't have to despair directly. Each of your weapons has a special attack that costs mana. With this you can also fell trees, break stones and so on. Also, some attacks by larger opponents, such as ogres, can also destroy them, so that you can easily get to the resources. You just have to be careful not to fall victim to one of these attacks yourself.

Give your resources a new home

As already mentioned, you will lose all your materials if you are in the wild dies. Except for your souls, you can bring them back, but depending on where you died, it can turn out to be quite annoying. To get around this, you can simply put your resources in the war chest, which is located on the right side of your village. All materials in this are also automatically used for crafting, so that you don't always have to carry all your resources around with you.

Your resources are safely stored in the war chest. Source: PCGames In co-op mode, it's also a great way to share the materials you've collected with your Viking brothers and sisters. For the construction of the farm, the mine, the sawmill, and the repair of the bridge, however, the required materials must be in your inventory. There is no real reason for this, it is just like that.

Solo, but not alone

Every night - except on the night after the Blood Moon - helmet monsters appear around your village, the want to destroy your tree. Not only do you not find this great, but also your NPCs, which is why they support you in battle. In fact, they are so good at fighting that you don't even have to be there on the first few nights to drive away the bad guys. If you have already invested a few levels in your NPCs on the first day, you don't need to worry and you can continue to explore the world at your leisure. Only in the case of a blood moon you should fight yourself on the front line, as a few dangerous opponents appear here.

Of course, if your NPCs are in combat, they cannot make items for you. This is a little annoying, but you can easily defeat the monsters quickly, whereby the NPC returns to its starting position.

The quests always show where they are. Source: PCGames

There are also quests

Up in your village, right next to the healer and in front of the large hut, there is a notice board with various quests. Here you can always accept one and should also do so. Although the quests do not give particularly interesting rewards, you will receive quest fragments for completing them, which you will need for the final boss. It is especially advisable to accept a quest in the pond land right at the beginning of the game. This will give you a marker on your map so you can see exactly where it is. In the pond land you get silver, which is needed for a lot of things. So it is definitely advisable to make a detour right at the beginning of the game.

In addition to quests, there are also events

Every now and then you will receive a message that a deer from the world tree has appeared, or Ragnarok's taps are loose. These are events that are also displayed on your map. In the case of these two, however, you don't have to defeat any opponents or anything like that. You just have to go to the deer or the roosters and press the button to interact. For this you will receive event fragments, which you will also need for the final boss.

Continue on page 2 with more tips and tricks for Tribes of Midgard!

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