Sonic Colors Ultimate: for the preview we saw the remaster of one of the most popular Sonic

Sonic Colors Ultimate: for the preview we saw the remaster of one of the most popular Sonic

Sonic Colors Ultimate

It's really hard sometimes to understand the reactions and behaviors of the Sonic fanbase. For heaven's sake, being a series marked by continuous upheavals and ups and downs comparable to those of incredibly tortuous roller coasters, it is not so complicated to imagine a community often in chaos, yet it is quite difficult to justify the hatred of some players in the comparisons of the still valid Sonic Colors.

Colors, in fact, is considered by many to be one of the most successful titles in the series, due to a good level design and in general a rather successful gameplay, but there is a not to be underestimated slice of fans who disown it because it considers it a step backwards compared to what has been done with the other Sonic 3D, or does not appreciate the choices made by the Sonic Team in its development. And it is true, Colors is a Sonic that risks little, however this does not mean that it is a title to be canceled from the history of the brand ... also for this reason it is quite interesting to find out what SEGA has combined with the Ultimate version: a real remaster coming soon, which we got to see in action recently to write our preview of Sonic Colors Ultimate.

We initially had to try it, but some misunderstandings only allowed us to observe it; That said, the videos shown were in high definition and allowed us to discover some healthy information about the game. We see.

Reviving colors

Let's start with the reasons that lead Sonic Colors to be a controversial title. Put simply, this work by SEGA was an attempt to erase all the bad things that had been done with the all too well known Sonic '06: considering that there were gargantuan quantities of evil elements in that game, the choice of the Sonic Team was a partial return to the roots with a fusion of 2D and 3D gameplay in the levels, and three-dimensional phases sometimes shorter and simplistic than those in two dimensions.

Colors is therefore a title with limitations of design, with a rhythm that at times becomes a bit staid and the levels a bit more "guided" than other Sonics, which, however, does not lose pace due to well-calculated maps, solid mechanics and the inclusion of Wisp , small alien creatures that give the protagonist some very peculiar powers as he whizzes through the various "acts". A large percentage of the public appreciated this structure very much, also by virtue of the enormous qualitative leap compared to previous missteps; part of the most hardcore fanbase, however, today criticizes the title precisely for its limitations, often ignoring the positive characteristics that distinguish it.

Colors Ultimate, for its part, is certainly not a complex rehash: it is a remaster with content adjustments, which focuses mainly on the technical sector. From what we have seen, if nothing else, it seems undoubtedly a job done with criteria, although not all the choices made seemed to us prudent. Paradoxically, one of the mechanical innovations did not fully convince us.

a new taste of wisp?

Sonic Colors Ultimate Let's talk about the jade Wisp, already appeared in Sonic Racing, but absolute novelty of Colors, implemented in some levels in the form of a floating transformation that allows Sonic to pass through obstacles and easily reach specific points. The idea is not bad, but the application is not unlike a very slowed version of a rocket Wisp, which decreases the speed of a title already not among the most frenetic in the saga. It was not particularly felt the need and it seems more an extra put there to make up the numbers than something calculated with great attention.

Little to complain about the rest. The technical sector holds up the blow thanks to the excellent upscaling at high resolutions (4k is expected, of course) and at 60FPS the game will undoubtedly be a pleasure to see on the go.

Tails rescues in the shape of the head of the happy fox were then included in the proceedings, which act as additional checkpoints and are wisely positioned in areas where death from a fall is rather easy. There is also a customization system dedicated to the protagonist that allows you to change gloves and shoes, and even a new mode called Rival Rush, where you can challenge Metal Sonic in very fast races with unspecified prizes up for grabs.

A scene from Sonic Colors Ultimate The technical work, however, is not limited to a dry upscaling: many graphic effects of the Wisp have been practically redone from scratch (less clear, but undoubtedly more pleasant, that of the Wisp lasers for example ), the soundtrack has been entirely remixed and is still great, and finally even the cutscenes have been adapted to the new resolutions. In short, a work perhaps not revolutionary, but more than valid for those who want to replay Colors or have never had the opportunity.

Sonic Colors Ultimate will certainly not revolutionize the world of remasters, and Colors itself is not part of the Olympus of platformers (or of its own series), but among the "modern" chapters of Sonic it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and appreciated, and the work done on the game by SEGA seemed very valid to us. Therefore, it will probably be an excellent opportunity to relive this adventure of the blue porcupine. All that remains is to wait for the launch.


The base game remains solid and very enjoyable Good job done on the technical sector, with some interesting additions DOUBTS The jade wisp does not fully convince us and decreases a bit of the pace We don't know how the game runs on Switch at the moment Did you notice any errors?

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