Genshin Impact - Yoimiya: guide to banner, skills and best builds

Genshin Impact - Yoimiya: guide to banner, skills and best builds

Genshin Impact - Yoimiya

Yoimiya is finally available thanks to Genshin Impact's new Tapestry of Golden Flames banner. Getting a five-star character requires a lot of luck and a big investment of Intertwined Fates, so before wasting resources you might want to learn more about the fighting style and the most efficient sets for the character.

Yoimiya, the "queen of the summer festival ", specializes in the use of the bow and the Pyro element. Her fighting style revolves around the use of flaming arrows and special abilities based on fireworks, a peculiarity that among other things distinguishes her from the rest of the cast of miYoHo's action RPG. In this Genshin Impact guide we will explain everything you need to know about the Tapestry of Gold Flames banner, the best skills and builds for Yoimiya.

The Tapestry of Gold Flames banner: how to get Yoimiya

Yoimiya, the queen of the Genshin Impact summer festival The only way to get Yoimiya is with the Tapestry of Golden Flames banner, which will be available on Genshin Impact until Tuesday 31st August. Since this is an event banner, to express your "wishes" you will have to use the Intertwined Fates, obtainable above all by purchasing them with your hard-earned Primogems.

Yoimiya is not the only character available with the banner. In total there are 6 5-star rarity characters and 16 4-star rarity characters, including the other new addition to Tapestry of Golden Flames, the ninja Sayu. Fortunately, the chances of getting Yoimiya, Diona and Xinyan will be higher for the duration of the event.

If you are aiming for Yoimiya it is good to know the gacha mechanics of Genshin Impact. The first time you get a 5-star character from the banner, there is a 50% chance that this is Yoimiya. Otherwise, the chances will rise to 100% with the next 5-star reward.

The odds of getting an item of the highest rarity are only 0.6% for each "wish", but luckily Genshin Impact has a mechanic designed not to make getting characters too tedious, called "pity. ". Specifically, if you don't receive a five-star item within 89 attempts, the 90th will have a 100% chance of being a reward of the highest rarity. This hidden counter obviously resets after obtaining a character or a five-star weapon.

Basically: if you are unlucky and cannot win even a 5-star character with wishes, with the ninetieth attempt you will have a 50% chance to get Yoimiya. In the worst case, then you will get 100% the character with no more than 180 attempts. Sure there are so many, but this is the most catastrophic of scenarios.

Fighting Skills, Passives and Constellations

Yoimiya is an excellent mid and long range fighter As mentioned earlier Getting the main character on a banner isn't easy, so maybe you want to get an idea of ​​Yoimiya's abilities before spending large amounts of Interwined Fates.

Yoimiya is armed with a bow and uses the Pyro element. Her abilities are based on the fireworks with which she sets enemy lines to fire and sword. Her fighting style aims to both deal massive damage and create advantageous situations in co-op or when switching characters.

Here is an overview of Yoimiya's fighting talents:

Firework Flare-Up: Yoimiya's standard attack. She shoots up to five arrows consecutively without aiming. Press and hold the dedicated key or the aiming key to switch to the charged attack. While aiming, different effects will also activate depending on how long you wait before firing. With the level 1 charge, the shot receives elemental properties and will inflict Pyro damage to the unfortunate on duty. Upon reaching level 2 charge, Yoimiya generates up to three additional flaming bolts that will also hit enemies near your target. Finally, the attack from above deals area damage on impact. Elemental Skill - Niwabi Fire-Dance: Upon activating this ability, Yoimiya surrounds himself with gunpowder for several seconds. While the effect is active, all standard attacks become fiery hits that deal increased damage and Pyro element damage. Conversely, the Charged Attack's Level 2 charge no longer generates additional bolts. In practice, the best way to take advantage of this skill is to launch a series of very fast standard attacks. Elemental Burst-Ryuukin Saxifrage: with her special move Yoimiya hurls a giant firework at opponents, inflicting massive area damage of element Pyro. Not only that, one of the unfortunates is branded with the "Aurous Blaze". Any attack made by another party member on an enemy with this altered status triggers an explosion, dealing Pyro elemental area damage. The Aurous Blaze will switch to another enemy if the one originally marked is defeated before the effect wears off. At least two seconds must pass between an explosion.

Yoimiya's abilities make her a great DPS, but also excellent Support if necessary Here are the bonuses bestowed by Yoimiya's passive talents:

Tricks of the Trouble-Maker: while the Niwabi Fire-Dance effect is active, normal attacks gain 2% Pyro damage bonus for each hit scored. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and can be stacked up to ten times. To make it very simple, once the ability is activated the more attacks you hit, the more they hurt. A simple but very effective passive. Summer Night's Dawn: Upon activating Ryuukin Saxifrage, party members (excluding Yoimiya) receive a 10% boost to the attack stat for 15 seconds. Add to this an extra 1% depending on how many Tricks of the Trouble-Maker bonuses you have accumulated, for a maximum of 20%. To make the most of this passive, we recommend using Yoimiya's elemental ability before Elemental Burst, thus maximizing damage. Blazing Match: when Yoimiya creates decorations, ornaments and furniture items, some of the necessary materials will not be used.

Finally we have listed the Constellation bonuses below:

Agate Ryukin: Aurous Blaze's effect is extended by 4 seconds. When an enemy is defeated by it, Yoimiya's attack is increased by 20% for 20 seconds A Procession of Bonfires: When Yoimiya critically hits with Pyro damage, she gains a 25% bonus to elemental damage. Trickster's Flare: Increases the level of Niwabi Fire-Dance by 3, the maximum level of the upgrade is 15. Pyrotechnic Professional: When Aurous Blaze causes an explosion, the recharge time of Niwabi Fire-Dance is reduced by 1.2 seconds. A Summer Festival's Eve: Increases Ryukin Saxifrage's level by 3, the maximum level of the upgrade is 15. Naganohara Meteor Swarm: When the effect of Niwabi Fire-Dance is active, Yomiya's standard attacks have a 40% chance of create an extra fiery arrow that deals half the damage.

The best builds for Yoimiya

Yoimiya becomes unstoppable with the Thundering Pulse bow. While it has some Support features, our advice for Yoimiya's build is to aim to make it the main Pyro-type DPS of your team, perhaps alongside characters whose element has a good synergy with fire, such as Bennett and Xingqiu.

As for the equipment, the best choice is the Thundering Pulse, the new five-star rarity bow introduced with the Genshin Impact update 2.0 and obtainable in the Epitome Invocation banner. This weapon offers a substantial critical damage bonus and a 20% boost to attack. In addition, the special effect of the bow allows you to accumulate Thunder Emblems, which increase the attack by 12/24/40%. If you haven't obtained this weapon yet, we recommend the Skyward Arp (5 stars) or the Rust (4 stars) as an alternative.

For Artifacts we recommend four pieces for "Shimenawa's Reminiscense" perks. With the two-piece bonus you'll get a greedy 18% boost to attack. The four-piece one consumes 15 Energy to increase Normal, Charged, and Top Attacks by 50% for ten seconds. Alternatively you can use two pieces with Gladiator's Finale and Witch of Flames to increase Attack by 18% and Pyro damage by 15%.

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