Electric toothbrushes for children | Best of August 2021

Electric toothbrushes for children | Best of August 2021

Convincing children to brush their teeth can turn out to be a feat made up of tears, tantrums and categorical refusals. However, there are various ways to make this experience fun, teaching them the importance of good oral hygiene from an early age. Electric toothbrushes for children can be the solution to your problems, making cleaning simple and fun and helping to establish healthy and lasting oral hygiene habits.

As in other articles of this kind, we have chosen various products that offer a decidedly high quality / price ratio and, of course, good technical characteristics, both for what concerns the availability of the various models of toothbrushes, and for the heads, choosing models tested and approved by the team of experts of our editorial staff .

Having said that, read our guide on the best electric toothbrushes for children and imagine which of these could be the optimal solution for the oral hygiene care of your little ones!

The best electric toothbrushes for children

Oral-B Kids Spiderman Oral-B Junior 6+ Oral-B Junior Minnie Mouse Philips Sonicare HX6322 / 04 Cocoda Nuvita 1151 Sonic Clean & Care

Oral -B Kids Spiderman

Cleaning the teeth is a very fundamental aspect even for the little ones, which is why we decided to recommend the Oral-B Kids model, in particular the one dedicated to Spiderman. With a special sensitive tooth mode designed especially for children, the Oral-B Kids toothbrush gently cleans the teeth of the little ones. In addition, its round head features extra soft bristles that are gentle on the soft gums of babies, for soft and gentle cleaning. The Oral-B Kids toothbrush has a built-in timer so your child reaches the dentist-recommended two-minute brushing time, which helps establish good oral hygiene habits throughout their life. The battery contained in the handle guarantees the toothbrush a charge that lasts eight days, ensuring fun and handy dental care, with just the touch of the power button. The toothbrush is equipped with a charging base that easily adapts to any sink or bathroom cabinet.

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Oral B Junior Minnie Mouse

The Oral-B Junior Minnie electric toothbrush for ages 6 and up is designed in collaboration with dentists to achieve superior cleanliness. To protect the delicate gums of babies, it features a gum pressure control that flashes a red light and reduces the speed when it detects that brushing is too strong. In addition, the round head features extra soft bristles. To make brushing even more fun, it can be used with Oral-B's free Disney Magic Timer app, making children brush their teeth longer. It is the right toothbrush to help children brush their teeth independently and in a fun way, allowing them to develop healthy habits that will last over time.

Oral-B Junior 6+

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be difficult. Thanks to the cute and colorful rechargeable electric toothbrushes Oral-B Junior 6+, children are more motivated to brush their teeth and acquire correct oral hygiene habits that they will keep for life. The Oral-B Junior 6+ electric toothbrush has extra-soft bristles, clinically proven to be gentle on teeth and gums, removing more plaque than traditional manual toothbrushes. The rounded head removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush and helps prevent tooth decay. This toothbrush guarantees a battery life of up to ten days.

Philips Sonicare HX6322 / 04

Tra the many electric toothbrushes for children we also want to point out the Philips Sonicare HX6322 / 04. It is a particular product that guarantees an effective action to remove plaque up to 100%, thanks to a round head and sonic technology with 62,000 movements. The Kid Timer of this toothbrush will help your child to gradually increase the cleaning time over the course of 90 days until it reaches the 2 minutes recommended by dental professionals, while the KidPacer function, through a timer at 30 seconds intervals, ensures the time cleaning recommended by dental professionals and the proper cleaning of each quadrant of the mouth. Inside the package, in addition to the toothbrush, there are a ForKids handle, a Sonicare ForKids Standard head, a Sonicare ForKids Mini, and a charging base and 8 stickers for personalizing the toothbrush.


You may not notice how long you brush your teeth, but we'll let you know. This toothbrush will pause every 30 seconds to remind you to change the brushing area, thus encouraging a good brushing habit. It also turns off automatically when two minutes have passed. The water resistance of this model is up to IPX7 and can be rinsed in water with extreme safety. Note that the charging base and cable are not waterproof. 5 brush heads are included in the package.

Nuvita 1151 Sonic Clean & Care

Unlike electric toothbrushes for children available on the market, this is the first and true accessory with sonic technology for children from the age of 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, up to 5 years. Toothbrush heads are sold separately. The toothbrush is equipped with soft and delicate DuPont TM nylon bristles, which remain attached to the body of the toothbrush, and is made with non-toxic materials to be safe and extremely gentle on your baby's aching and sensitive gums.

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How to choose the best electric toothbrushes for your children

After giving a look at our review of the best products on the market, it is necessary to do a little smattering of all the technical characteristics of an electric toothbrush. Here are the specifications.

Dimensions Bristles Head Timer Design


Electric toothbrushes for children are smaller than those for adults to allow children to manage them easily. Plus, the heads are smaller to fit in their mouth. The handle you choose should also make it easier for your child to hold and handle while brushing.


Babies are delicate in build and their gums are no exception. Therefore, the toothbrush you choose, from the age of three, must have soft and well-rounded bristles. If the bristles of the toothbrush are stiff, it will be easy for the child to damage the enamel and the gum line.


At the same time, you have to get the model with the right brush head for your children. Most electric toothbrushes come in a variety of modes designed to meet the specific needs of little ones. Take a look at the settings of each toothbrush to make sure they are able to meet the needs of your children.


Since little ones don't know how long to brush, buy an electric toothbrush with a timer may prove to be a wise choice. This feature will help your child brush their teeth in the correct time. The timer will become part of her brushing routine and you won't have to push it to get him to take the required two minutes. It's worth adding that even if you don't buy your baby an electric toothbrush with a timer, you can find songs and videos online to play while brushing. When you choose one of two minutes, you will get the same functionality as a timer.


When making your choice, the interests and preferences of the children must be indulged as much as possible. Many children's electric toothbrushes feature themes and colors that appeal to them particularly. Choosing the right design is a determining factor that will entice your child to take care of their oral hygiene. Taking some time in these cases is useful to understand which cartoon or superhero he likes best.

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