Because video games are also important in the summer

Because video games are also important in the summer

Some will say that summer is not made for video games, puffing up your chest and rolling out the list of his phantom beach conquests, but damn if you're wrong! It is true that with the heat the opportunities are different: in the summer you live moments that we will probably remember all your life, you know each other and end up embraced more easily. We naturally agree, summer must be lived to the full. But in fact it is not here that we will try to convince you to spend the next few days in front of a screen, even if there are certainly those who will have no alternative, but it is here where we want to enhance the noble and silent role of video games during the hottest months of ' year.

Because in summer, even playing has a different taste.

Summer outings

Many prefer a game to take on holiday, for example MInecraft Video games they have always had and perhaps always will have a role between the sand and the August heat wave. They have it when you are under ten, and yours take you to the sea and once back, after the shower and with your skin still hot, you throw yourself on the bed and turn on the Switch to continue Minecraft, even if it was once Crystal Castles on Atari 2600, and then came Quackshot on Megadrive, Star Trek The Next Generation, Syndicate, Interstate '76, Ecco the Dolphin. My title, I admit, personal memories, which I allow myself to use only to emphasize that the video game released in the summer, or that is bought during the summer, has a special charm. Will it be that of a gem found in the desert dunes, or that of a new friend with whom you know you will spend a lot of time away from everything and everyone? How far away from the world are you when it's forty outside, the shutters are lowered and only that breath of light, suspended light filters in, no sound, while you are well placed in the center of the living room and, pad in hand, in the center of the adventure ?

Summer, video games and friends

the Tekken saga has always accompanied our summers, even in the cabin version Video games have always had and perhaps always will play a role between the sand and the heatwave in August. They have it when your parents start leaving you alone, and you can invite best friends to play together until dawn the next day. During these nights often it does not even serve a purpose because in the summer we are all more slack, less pretentious: therefore we do not necessarily have to find out who is the strongest in Tekken or Mario Kart, but just one race each on a new rescue of Gran Turismo, or a ride each by plane to Flight Simulator, or collectively run an Xcom 2 or Civilization campaign. Shapeless, long, wide games to contain all the time of the summer, which for those who still go to school is infinite, frayed, in slow motion. Three months where you go out with friends and you feel great like never before, but with what pleasure you slip back into your baby me to mess with video games and fantasy, huh? Finally, no alcohol, which you may not even like, no Alain Delon cigarette to impress, but lots of reassuring ready-to-use mana potions. It's the summer of "maybe I'm not ready yet", where video games help shore up insecurities and organize ramshackle gangs in front of decadent cabin cruisers by the sea.

Video games and summer relaxation

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little relaxation, perhaps playing Valheim with friends Video games have always had and perhaps always will play a role between the sand and the August heat wave. They have it when you start work and you see in the summer also an opportunity to relax, but friends and partner want to go out, dance, love, socialize, throw up, run, explode and that time that seemed infinite is now a full segment of things to do. Let me be clear, you would have the desire to make some but certainly not all, because there are also Sara and Matteo who want to break through Valheim and oh, because I have to worry if I want to farm wood for twelve hours, considering that it will not happen again. for at least 365 days? This is the summer of shame, of doubts: someone indulges it, others fight it, and still others go crazy trying to please everyone.

Family duties and videogame pleasures

When you grow up, balancing the commitments between duty and pleasure becomes difficult, especially in summer And then you become great, really great. Your family is a new family, maybe there are children in the middle, and you don't really intend to stop fiddling. In winter, you go to bed a little later or wake up a little earlier to carry on, one inch at a time, the latest Dragon Quest; or you are one of those that at least half a day between Saturday and Sunday is reserved for Rocket League connected with friends. But these are only details, interesting only because they lead us to what we are most interested in: the weeks if not the months in which wives / husbands and children are elsewhere and you are imprisoned at work and remain alone in the city. Being alone in the summer around forty is another thing, it is really a different, deeper and more existential being alone, it is when you understand that you can finally do everything you want to do, but with a load of responsibility that often passes you by. the desire. And then once again video games, all those in the backlog or just one to be finished before the much desired, but also a little feared, holidays. Five hundred hours of No Man's Sky in three days? With the right diet based on jam that has been open for six months and stale bread, there is no problem! Platinum in Returnal before packing your bags? Deal, but please in five days someone force me to sleep! These are the summers of regression, of the Rotten King, and they never regret it because basically what you had to do, you did. You deserve everything, even the crap you are doing.

Taking holidays from video games too

Some gamers prefer to take a break from video games too But let's not forget another category of gamers a lot particular but often does not tell the whole story: those who manage, according to them, to stop, who take their holidays even from video games. In our opinion they are less than what is said, yet they exist: they turn off the console and turn it back on in September. They tell you everything their mother told them, including the legend that eating ice cream before lunch makes your heart drop, or that you have to stay away from the TV otherwise it explodes. Our compliments go to them, we are genuinely envious. A good envy, God forbid, on the part of those who already know that every other night will be a big hunt with Monster Hunter Rise, and that the book is for the beach, and in bed to sleep there can only be A-Train. br>
And they said that video games are not a summer pastime, as if one were to play beach tennis 24/7, we can't build sand castles at two in the morning, can we? It's not funny. But how you decide to spend the summer is of course your own business. Video games or not, the important thing is to come back with a full suitcase, an empty head and a satisfied heart.

It hasn't been an easy year and we all deserve lighter days. Have a good holiday from

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