Where you find out who won the June lottery drawing of receipts

Where you find out who won the June lottery drawing of receipts

The winning codes live on the Twitter channel of the Customs Agency, on the website and on the lottery portal. The winners will receive a private communication

Receipt with digital payment Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels Today, 10 June, a computerized lottery draw decreed the twenty winners of the receipt lottery, for the third round of the prize competition launched by the state last February 1st. The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) carried out the operations on the Sogei campus, the general IT company, in-house of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, under the control of a specially appointed commission. The winning lottery codes were made public as a national preview on the Adm's Twitter channel.

­čöÁRoma - Extracts of the 40 winning codes of the weekly #concorso N ° 4 - 2021 of Lottery of Receipts ⬇️ #lotteriadegliscontrini #ADMgov @Sogei_SpA pic.twitter.com/s3Ft9f60O0

- Customs Agency and Monopoli-ADM (@AdmGov) June 10, 2021

It should be remembered that every euro spent, made with electronic payment method, generates as many virtual tickets. The ten traced payments will be linked to the ten buyers, through the lottery code printed at the time of issue and combined with the tax code from the moment of registration. The lucky ones will receive a prize of 100 thousand euros each, and together with them as many sellers who have beaten the ten winning receipts will receive 20 thousand euros each, for a total prize money of 1.2 million euros.

In addition to communications of winnings sent privately, the result will be announced on the Adm website and in the public area of ​​the lottery portal.

With this month, the weekly draws arrive. Thus, "25 additional weekly prizes, equal to 10 thousand euros each for buyers" and as many prizes "equal to 2 thousand euros each for merchants", reads a determination by the Revenue Agency and Customs and Monopoly Agency. The sum is 300 thousand euros more every Thursday, divided between 50 prizes that are added to the 30 weekly prizes already provided for by the determination of January 29 (article 1 paragraph l), i.e. 15 checks of 25 thousand euros for those who buy and as many from 5 thousand euros for merchants.

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