The Privacy Guarantor has ordered Rousseau to deliver the data of the 5 Star Movement members within 5 days

The Privacy Guarantor has ordered Rousseau to deliver the data of the 5 Star Movement members within 5 days

The Authority requires delivering the information necessary to unblock the political impasse and proceed with the appointment of Giuseppe Conte as the new leader of the party

(Photo: Davide Gentile / La Presse) The Data Protection Authority personal data has ordered the Rousseau Association to deliver all the personal data of its members to the 5 Star Movement within 5 days from Tuesday 1st June. The provision of the Guarantor came following a report from the M5s, according to which Rousseau is still in possession of all the personal data of the members, despite having interrupted his collaboration relationships with the pentastellates.

The association, which manages the homonymous platform where members could express their opinions on the work of the movement, is responsible for the processing of personal data of members, while the M5s is the owner of these data. Therefore, we read in the note sent by the Guarantor, according to the privacy legislation, the person in charge "at the choice of the data controller", is obliged to delete or return them at the end of the "provision of the requested services relating to the treatment". According to the Guarantor, this principle "must be applied in all cases that regulate the owner-manager relationship".

Therefore, according to what is established by the Guarantor, the M5s has the right to "dispose of the data of the members and to be able to use them for its institutional purposes ". Furthermore, it has imposed a maximum limit of 5 days for the return and the possibility, for Rousseau, of being able to continue to use the data of the members of which he is also the data controller.

This is a fundamental turning point in the clash that has been going on for months between the technical structure of Davide Casaleggio and the movement founded by his father, Gianroberto Casaleggio, and by Beppe Grillo. According to Rousseau, the data could not be delivered because there was no legal representative of the movement, whose election, however, should have taken place right on the platform. Now, thanks to the decision of the Guarantor, the M5s can open a new platform or proceed by mail or post to modify the Statute and elect former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as the new leader of the training.

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