Instagram will allow its influencers to earn money through advertising affiliations

Instagram will allow its influencers to earn money through advertising affiliations

The app will function as an affiliate platform - another step towards social commerce

(photo: Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto via Getty Images) Influencers will have new ways to make money on Instagram. The platform announced during its first Creator week - a week of events dedicated to the development of content by users - that it will allow its creators to earn also thanks to advertising affiliations.

Introducing this and other news for the influencers it was Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of the Facebook group that also owns Instagram. The app, as well as other social networks, is trying to focus on social commerce, online shopping directly on the platform. Thanks to the development of a new native tool, the app will function as an affiliation platform.

Photo: via Instagram Influencers will have the opportunity to promote certain products for sale on Instagram by earning a commission on each purchase. When creators publish posts of this type, the text "eligible for commission" will appear under their username, in the same way that sponsored content reports already appear.

Affiliations are a tool that is already widely used by influencers, youtubers and online blogs. The novelty will be to bring into Instagram a system that influencers and companies already use by relying for example on Amazon. The new tool is being tested in the United States and creators can now link their profile to the Instagram store. The date of its launch in Italy is not yet known.

This, as mentioned, is not the only novelty presented by Facebook and Instagram. During the Instagram live shows. Starting this week, creators on Instagram can earn an extra payment when they reach certain milestones while using badges in live shows. Facebook has launched the Stars Challenges. The creators of the program can earn payments from Facebook in the form of if they reach certain milestones, such as broadcasting a certain number of hours or earning a certain number of stars within a set amount of time.

These updates mark the last. Instagram push towards affiliate marketing and in-app shopping, but demonstrate the increasing importance that influencers have assumed as promotion channels for companies.

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