Monster Hunter Rise at an unmissable price on Amazon!

Monster Hunter Rise at an unmissable price on Amazon!

After having offered you the excellent smart TV themed offers of the day, as well as the brand new offers that anticipate the expected Prime Day 2021, let's now go back to talking about Amazon and, specifically, we do it to inform you that on the portal it is available at a discounted price. exceptional Monster Hunter Rise, the latest chapter in the Monster Hunter series, released exclusively on Nintendo Switch just a few months ago!

Well, if you had waited until now to buy this splendid Capcom title, then know that on Amazon you can buy Monster Hunter Rise at a price of just € 49.50, with a discount of just over € 10 compared to at the recommended price!

A discount that, all in all, might seem modest to you, but you will have to take into account, first of all, that we are talking about a title that has arrived on the market a few months ago and which, moreover, is enjoying free post-launch support such as I rarely see them on any platform! Secondly, exclusive titles for Nintendo consoles are rarely discounted beyond € 15, and therefore having such a fresh game available, with a discount of just over 10 euros is, in itself, a great deal, especially because we are talking about one of the lowest prices on the net!

With its countless hours of gameplay and an experience designed to be enjoyed alone or in the company of a small group of friends, Monster Hunter Rise brings the good had already been appreciated with the World chapter exclusively for PS4, also adding an unprecedented verticality in environmental exploration, a new narrative context, and an unprecedented park of monsters, some of which are directly inspired by Japanese folklore! An exceptional title that, sold for less than 50 euros, certainly represents one of the best purchases possible on the Nintendo Switch!

That said, before leaving to your purchases, we remind you that if you are looking for further discounts, there is no better place than our four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you all in real time. the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping!

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