Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection put to the test: Play again, Ryu!

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection put to the test: Play again, Ryu!

Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden has a certain reputation. Before Dark Souls existed, Ryu Hayabusa's adventures were considered "unfair" or "challenging" depending on who you asked. Also anchored in the general consciousness of most adult players: Ninja Gaiden (and thus also the Master Collection) should by no means belong in the hands of children, in the fast-paced battles against the defensive enemies, the blood splatters by the liter. The three-pack software package for PC and last-gen consoles contains the more modern Ninja Gaiden titles from the 2000s, not the NES classics - but you can download the latter in many download shops for little money. And now to the topic: What is the Master Collection good for?

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma

If you look around you will find treasure chests with useful content: healing potions, new techniques and so on. Seen here: Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Source: PC Games The chronologically first game in the collection is Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Without the addition of Sigma, it was released in 2004 exclusively for the Xbox, a year later it was re-released with adjustments and the title Black, in 2007 Black was released with new content and changes for the PS3 - that's Ninja Gaiden Sigma, which is in the Collection is stuck. Even today it is still a joy to fight and jump around nimbly as Ryu Hayabusa from a third-person perspective. The adventure has withstood the ravages of time! Technically everything runs smoothly, the optics are sharp, the controls precise and satisfactory. If you have a thing for Soulslike games, but also appreciate Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, you've come to the right place. The worst aging phenomenon is the somewhat nervous camera.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

The plot is not a highlight in any of the three included games. Fans of the Dead-or-Alive series are looking forward to appearances from Ayane and Kasumi. Source: PC Games The second part of the modern Ninja Gaiden series was also initially released without the Sigma subtitle exclusively for a Microsoft console, this time the Xbox 360. The Sigma version in the collection is the revised version which was later released for Playstation 3. In principle, the sequel does not differ much from its predecessor, only that Ryu Hayabusa now ends up in locations all over the world, such as Venice or the USA. Sigma 2 is also full of depictions of violence, but the whole thing here seems less realistic due to the exaggerated staging of the moves.

As far as the optics (also in interim sequences) are concerned, all three games can be shown. However, the Master Collection does not run smoothly all the time. Source: PC Games Again you meet Ayana in this game. Does the name sound familiar to you? The young lady and Ryu Hayabusa both belong to the permanent inventory of the fighting game series Dead or Alive by the same developer. Although the content of the Sigma 2 is not much less successful than its predecessor, there are occasional performance problems in the Master Collection. The frame rate drops to its knees every now and then, which is generally annoying in an action game. At the same time, the resolution of the game graphics leaves something to be desired in some areas. However, it is by no means impossible to enjoy Sigma 2, and thanks to a large number of modes there is a lot in it (the online part, however, has been deleted). However, one must also state that this implementation is not the ultimate or best version in which one can experience the game.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Beware of blood: Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the other two titles are not for everyone. Source: PC Games Razor's Edge arrived in this country via detours: In 2012, the Wii-U-exclusive title did not receive USK approval, so German ninjas initially received nothing for two years. Was it worth the wait? Razor's Edge doesn't quite come close to the qualities of the two Sigma parts, it is much more brutal than the previous Sigma 2, and also noticeably more difficult. On the other hand, it is not controlled as precisely as the two direct predecessors. And the plot - well, that was never necessarily the strong point of the series anyway. In short: Razor's Edge is definitely not the best of modern ninja games, but it is also not to be despised completely. which can lead to screen death, plus, Razor's Edge doesn't always look as sharp as it would deserve its name.

The ninja gaiden games - especially the first in the modern franchise - are still an entertaining one today (albeit bloody) pastime. For Sigma alone, it is basically worth buying the collection, it really is a great adventure. The additional modes, exams and more complete the package. I only wish that technically everything would run as smoothly as hero Ryu himself.

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Chief Editor

[email protected ] The content is still good for the most part, but technically not perfectly implemented. On the first Xbox, I had a lot of fun with Ninja Gaiden, and the first part in the Switch version of the Master Collection picked me up at exactly the same place as it was back then. You can still enjoy it today, if you can deal with a certain dose of frustration and a lot of vitality. After all, Ninja Gaiden Sigma mostly stays fair, there are more trial and error passages in the other two titles. I couldn't remember Razor’s Edge - I have no idea if I played that back then. Well: It's nice that it is there, but it doesn't come close to the two predecessors. By the way, in Ninja Gaiden, unlike in Dark Souls, you can set the level of difficulty at the beginning. So you can make it easier for yourself, good thing. I wish the games in the collection would all run smoothly, but I still had fun - I didn't even know how much I missed Ryu. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (PC) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (PS4) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (NSW) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (XBO) 8/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Ninja Gaiden Sigma runs smoothly and has aged well A lot of additional content with it (mostly) precise action with demand Some exciting locations Also parts two and three mostly entertaining Frame rate fluctuates Partly blurred environments Camera sometimes makes it difficult to get an overview More pros & cons ... Conclusion Nice collection of three action games , technically but not quite perfect

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