Renault Arkana, the suv coupé is also a full hybrid

Renault Arkana, the suv coupé is also a full hybrid

Renault Arkana

Thanks to the advances derived from Formula 1 it can travel eighty percent of the time in electric

Launched in Europe last March, the new Renault Arkana is now available in the E-Tech 145 hybrid engine. A solution more responsible because it consumes less fuel and guarantees maximum driving pleasure. The full hybrid solution, designed by Renault engineers, features a 230 Volt battery with a capacity of 1.2 kilowatt hours. A powertrain that offers all the advantages of an electric vehicle without the need to connect to the grid.

In the city it almost always travels by electric

Renault Arkana gives its best in terms of savings of consumption, in city traffic. In this habitat, he can travel eighty percent of the time on electricity. At the heart of it all is the architecture of the E-Tech Hybrid powertrain. The solution derived from Formula 1 features two electric motors. There is, in fact, an e-motor and a high-voltage starter of the HSG (High-Voltage Starter Generator) type. They are combined with a 1.2 kilowatt-hour, 230-volt lithium-ion battery.

Renault Arkana's E-Tech 145 full hybrid engine The driving force is given by an innovative multi-mode transmission produced at Ruitz in France. Its peculiarity is the frictionless toothed engagement associated with a new generation 1.6-liter petrol engine. The main electric motor ensures starting the car and traction to the wheels in fully electric mode. It is sufficient not to exceed 75 kilometers per hour to travel even 3 consecutive kilometers in electric mode. Really interesting given that it is a full hybrid car. The consumption of this engine slightly exceeds 20 kilometers per liter and emits only 108 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled.

The combination of the electric motors and the gearbox with tooth engagement allows for the optimization and smoothness of gear changes. Energy management and energy efficiency also benefit. In addition, the absence of the clutch allows you to start the engine in fully electric mode without stressing the heat engine. It is always the main electric motor that ensures starting the car. A solution that allows you to have torque immediately available for a particularly responsive start.

Renault Arkana's sport utility coupé line

Conquering the C segment

Renault is the first generalist manufacturer to to propose an SUV-coupé in the old continent, a design previously reserved for premium brand vehicles. The new Arkana Full Hybrid, produced in Busan in South Korea, is a coupe with many strengths. It starts with a streamlined and sporty line of 4.57 meters and a ground clearance of 20 centimeters. The waistline is raised and athletic. The shoulders are generous. The wheel arch protectors are marked. The front bumper features the Formula 1 front blade, while the rear bumper houses the coast-to-coast headlight assembly and dual exhaust. The interior space is all about comfort given the width of the interior which reaches 1.45 meters. The interior conceals 12 storage compartments for a total of 26 liters of space, while the boot in the E-Tech version reaches 492 liters instead of the 518 in the non-hybrid versions.

The digital cockpit and central display of the Renault Arkana infotainment

Digital, connected and safe

The new Renault Arkana comes with a 7-inch cockpit and a 9.3-inch multimedia display as standard. By connecting the smartphone through one of the USB sockets, it is possible to mirror the device and use, depending on the operating system, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Arkana Full Hybrid includes Renault Easy Connect with 4G network connectivity and services such as Google Search and TomTom traffic. The system updates itself automatically.

Equipped with 8 airbags, including curtain airbags, the new Arkana guarantees optimum protection for both the driver and passengers. On board we find the latest in driving assistance: Easy Drive technology. Driver assistance devices include, for example, Adaptive Cruise Control and the active detection system of oncoming vehicles (Rear Cross Traffic Alert). Maintaining the center of the roadway is also very effective. The new Arkana sport utility has achieved the highest rating in crash tests with the score of 5 stars awarded by the independent body Euro NCAP.

A selection of colors for the new Renault Arkana

Renault Arkana range

Arkana Full Hybrid is available in 7 body colors, with two types of 18-inch wheels. Renault offers 2 trim levels: Intens and an R.S. Line designed by Renault Sport to meet the expectations of customers who aim for strong differentiation with a dynamic design. Renault Arkana Full Hybrid is available from 31,850 euros.

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