5 ideas for holidays with your dog

5 ideas for holidays with your dog

Traveling around Rome on a sidecar or looking for truffles in Tuscany: here are the most curious activities offered by the specialized portal TripForDog

(Photo: Pixabay) On vacation with your most faithful friend? If you are on vacation in the company of your dog, know that dog tourism has many proposals in store for you. Without going to London in the bar that prepares ad hoc cocktails for Fido, even in Italy there are many activities. The beaches that welcome him multiply along the coasts (sites such as Dog Welcome or Zampa Vacanza collect them), there are those who offer yoga sessions with the hound next to them and there are portals specialized in organizing holidays with their puppy. This is the case of TripForDog, which among the many proposed activities has selected five very curious ones to do in the summer of 2021.

On a Vespa in Rome

(Photo: TripForDog) To emulate Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the cult film Roman Holiday on the TripForDog website you can book a ride on a Vespa with a sidecar. While a driver takes care of driving the vehicle, you just have to admire the Eternal City comfortably seated next to your dog, which is secured with an approved belt. The sidecar tour lasts two / three hours and costs 70 euros per person.

In search of the Volterra truffle

(Photo: TripForDog) You may not become a real trifulau, but you can try your hand at the ancient art of searching for truffles. In Volterra (Florence) in fact, demonstrations are organized to teach dogs the rudiments to smell and find the precious tuber. Isn't your Fido exactly a hound? Patience: after the test you will be entitled in any case to a lunch based on truffles, whether you have found any or not. The experience costs 99 euros per person.

On the red Bernina train

(Photo: TripForDog) If you are as passionate about trains as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, sooner or later you have to take a ride on the Bernina Express red wine that climbs the mountains between Valtellina and the Swiss Alps. The ride is worth the trip in itself, but if you want you can share the experience with your dog. In particular, TripforDog recommends stopping for a walk in Cavaglia, Ospizio Bernina and Pontresina, and offers a package with overnight stay in Tirano (from 149 euros). Of course, you can also organize yourself independently: dogs travel on the Bernina red train in a carrier or on a leash and pay the ticket depending on the size.

Walk in the vineyard in Pisa

(Photo: Pixabay) For food and wine enthusiasts in the province of Pisa there is a walk in the vineyard to discover the work among the vines and the secrets of production. At the end of the winery tour (there are several participating in the initiative and they are all dog-friendly) there will be a lunch based on Florentine steak and other Tuscan products. The cost is 77 euros per person.

Trekking to the temple of Minerva di Montefoscoli

(Photo: www.tempiodiminerva.com) Also in the province of Pisa you can spend two days immersed in nature in the company of the four-legged friend. On the program there are guided walks to do together with Fido, among woods, olive trees and small villages. Final destination: the temple of Minerva Medica in Montefoscoli, a particular nineteenth-century building theater of stories and legends of Freemasonry, experiments and knights of the past. In addition to a picnic and a wine tasting, the proposal (which costs 303 euros each) also includes an overnight stay in a farmhouse.

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