How cashback works on the motorway for delays due to construction sites

How cashback works on the motorway for delays due to construction sites

The test starts (reserved for 10 thousand motorists) to get a refund in case of queues: from September everyone can have it

(Mauro Scrobogna / La Presse) A refund of the motorway toll based on the actual travel time, in the event of construction sites that may have caused slowdowns and delays: the Autostrade per l'Italia cashback test starts this month, which will initially be reserved for around 10,000 users, and will then be extended at the end of the summer. At the center is Free to X, an application of the homonymous company owned by Aspi that deals with advanced services for mobility, with which the motorist can send the photograph of the receipts to certify the duration of their journey (those who use Telepass will be able to communicate more easily entry and exit to the manager). Autostrade will cross-reference the data collected with the traffic information provided by Google Maps, once verified the actual existence of works in progress on the section concerned: at the moment the main problems are on the A1 Milan-Naples, on the A23 Udine Tarvisio and in Liguria (A7 and A10.)

Timings are calculated on the basis of the average travel time, and reimbursement will be granted if the slowdown is significant in relation to the length of the route. A delay of a quarter of an hour can be valid for a twenty-minute journey and not for a four-hour journey, according to an example reported by Corriere della Sera. The reimbursement covers the entire toll, not only the section affected by the inconvenience and after a notification on the app, it would be paid in a single solution at the end of the year directly on the indicated Iban. The test phase should end at the end of the summer, when the application will become available to everyone on the Google Store and App Store in mid-September, for a further experimental period until the end of the year.

In 2020 Aspi spent around 750 million euros on construction sites and the same amount will be committed in 2021. Since last year it has activated toll reductions or zeroing in the most problematic sections, for a total 77 million euros of lower revenues in the 2020-21 period. Now, the cashback submitted to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the scrutiny of the Antitrust authority will have resources for 250 million euros. Assoutenti, however, criticized the late arrival of the project and underlined a privacy issue: "Whoever intends to obtain compensation will have to provide all their data to the app in question, sensitive information also for the purpose of tracking the movements of citizens", observes the president Furio Truzzi. “Today 62% of users who use the motorways pay tolls through Telepass, 23% with credit cards and only 15% in cash. This means that 85% of motorists could automatically obtain the reimbursement due, without submitting any request and without having to transfer their sensitive data to third parties ".

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