What do we know about the cyber attack that hit the Lazio Region

What do we know about the cyber attack that hit the Lazio Region

The regional sites, the Regional Council and the vaccine reservation management service are out of order. According to the first reports, the ransomware-type attack would have started from Germany

The president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti (Photo: Marco Cantile / Getty Images) Since Sunday night, a major cyber attack has hit the systems of the Lazio Region by putting out of use the site of the region, the Regional Council and the booking portal for vaccines against Covid-19, Laziocrea. According to what has been reported in these hours, for the prosecutor of Rome the attack could have started from Germany but the hypothesis remains that it is false information to make the place of origin of the computer intrusion unrecognizable.

On Sunday morning, both the Lazio Region and President Nicola Zingaretti gave news of the serious situation with a post on social media, confirming that the entire regional vaccine booking system had been taken offline. “A very heavy hacker attack has been underway since tonight against the LazioCrea computer systems that manage vaccine reservations. A very serious fact, it blocks a fundamental service ”Zingaretti wrote on Facebook. Despite the attack, the vaccination campaign is still not undergoing any arrest, the region has in fact communicated that all 50,000 people who have already booked their dose will be able to go to the administration centers normally. Furthermore, a few hours ago, the region declared that no personal data contained in the system was stolen.

The vaccination campaign does not stop!

Yesterday 50,000 vaccines were administered, despite the most serious cyber attack suffered. #Laziosivaccina pic.twitter.com/j0OicP2ImT

- Lazio Region (@RegioneLazio) August 2, 2021

For the cyber security authorities this is the heaviest cyber attack ever against a site of the Italian regional and national institutions and the first ransomware attack ever. This type of intrusion occurs through a malware, that is a malicious program, able to totally paralyze the system in which it was grafted. The attacker then takes control of the system and demands a ransom (ransom) from the legitimate owners to free it. Those who are attacked are forced to pay, because only the perpetrators are aware of the keys needed to unlock the systems involved. It is not yet clear whether this request has already reached the authorities of the Lazio region, but it is unlikely it will not.

The attack came a few days after the approval in the Chamber of the decree that aims to build a Information Security Agency and to increase the cybersecurity of all essential state services. Cyber ​​attacks are in fact on the rise all over the world and the healthcare sector has been one of the most affected targets.

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