PC, May 2021: The best games of the month

PC, May 2021: The best games of the month

PC, May 2021

May 2021 is really an interesting month for PC users, who will be able to get their hands on a series of games of great depth; starting with Days Gone, Bend Studio's excellent survival action originally made exclusively for PS4.

There are, however, also several other significant releases: from the disturbing survival horror Resident Evil Village to the promising experience based multiplayer Hood: Outlaws & Legends; from the action RPG mechanics of Biomutant to the prestigious Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Out May 7

New episode of the Capcom survival horror series, Resident Evil Village takes up the mechanics of the seventh chapter, the first person view and the same protagonist, Ethan Winters, to involve us in a new adventure, set this time in a remote European village where witches, monsters and vampires seem to move.

Determined to save what is left of our family, in the game we will have to collect resources and objects to upgrade the weapons we have, obtain new equipment from the creepy village merchant and use all possible resources to try to survive this new nightmare. Will we succeed?

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, a fight sequence with the guards. Out May 10

Set in a dark fantasy setting inspired by medieval England, a kingdom controlled with an iron fist by the state, Hood: Outlaws & Legends starts from the legend of Robin Hood to narrate the exploits of a handful of thieves and mercenaries who battle in an attempt to take possession of the treasures of the county.

The PvPvE experience sees two teams of four players face off on different maps with the aim of getting to the chest full of coins first and stealing it from the guards who guard it. It will not be easy: we will have to exploit the characteristic abilities of each different character to gain an advantage and capitalize it.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition boasts remastered 4K graphics. Out May 14

The famous BioWare saga returns with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered edition that includes the first three chapters of the series, technically improved thanks to high resolution and enhanced effects , but also refined in terms of gameplay due to a whole series of measures aimed at modernizing the experience.

We are therefore talking about an unmissable collection for the nostalgic of the Normandy and the adventures of Captain Shepard, but also for new users who want to get closer to a historic sci-fi franchise for the first time, revived as part of a package that also includes all the downloadable content released over time.

Days Gone

Days Gone, the protagonist Deacon St. John riding his motorcycle. Out May 18th

A new Sony exclusive coming to PC, Days Gone is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario where the spread of a mysterious epidemic has turned most people into Freakers, ferocious mutants and violent. The protagonist of the game is the former biker Deacon St. John, who earns his living by completing tasks for the various factions of the survivors.

Within a large open world, we will have to deal with missions often linked to the elimination of Freakers, but always paying great attention to the gangs of criminals and jackals that populate the game world. We will be able to rely on our bike, which can be upgraded by unlocking new components throughout history, and on a large arsenal that includes machine guns, shotguns and grenades.


Biomutant, l unusual protagonist struggling with the vast open world of the game. Out May 25th

The wait was long, but finally Biomutant is preparing to make its debut, catapulting us into a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Under the command of a combat-savvy mutant, our task will be to find the origin of a mysterious plague that is killing the Tree of Life, uniting the various tribes under one banner.

A ' not a small undertaking, which we can, however, complete using the powerful martial arts Wung-Fu, a large arsenal of weapons to be collected or built using the resources collected within the scenario and the possibility of recoding our DNA in order to obtain new capabilities. All against the backdrop of a large open world full of things to see and do.

Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster

Out May 25

Remastered edition of the iconic RPG released by Atlus in 2003, Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster engages us again in the disturbing story of an apocalypse that destroys Tokyo and transforms it into something different: a scenario inhabited by few survivors, by spirits of those who died during the Conception and from fearsome demons.

At the command of an anonymous and silent protagonist, we will have to face the many pitfalls of this new world together with some companions and make a difference within the battle that is consuming itself between gods and creatures of the underworld, fighting our enemies in a particularly multifaceted turn-based system full of strategic elements.

More games to be released in May 2021

Skate City, out May 6 Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids, out May 13 GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, out May 13 Subnautica: Below Zero, out May 14 Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice, out May 13 May 18 Open Country, out May 18 The Wild at Heart, out May 20 Knockout City, out May 21 Erica, out May 25 King of Seas, out May 25 Solasta: Crown of the Magister , out May 27 Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, out May

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