Nintendo reveals its strategy for future acquisitions

Nintendo reveals its strategy for future acquisitions

Unlike Microsoft, Nintendo's next acquisitions will not be in the video game sector. During the presentation of the financial results of the last quarter, in fact, the Kyoto house wanted to specify its strategy regarding the search for partners to be absorbed within its branch, specifying however that it is not looking for specific developers already active. in the field of the development of titles for other platforms but to bet everything on the evolution of technology.

The words of Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, are very clear. The Kyoto company needs to focus everything on technology acquisitions, that is companies and start-ups that deal with progress in the tech field. "If we are to respond to rapid technological advancement, perhaps we must acquire companies that have technological progress," the words of President Furukawa. This is an important step forward for the Japanese giant, which could therefore try to bridge the gap with Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo is absolutely not lacking in IP and ideas. Over the years, products such as LABO for example have shown that creativity is at home near Kyoto. However, looking at the main competitors, we realize that, for example, a cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft with xCloud and Sony with PlayStation Now is missing. Obviously, we are not talking only about technical power (Switch remains a console less you can than the others) but also about small technological innovations that can make the difference in a constantly evolving sector like that of video games.

The acquisitions will still be designed exclusively for entertainment. All the future moves of the executive board will be in function of improving the value of consoles and video games and not just to increase corporate capital, which is why the developers of Luigi's Mansion 3, for example, were acquired after a very long working partnership. A move, also this, which fully represents the Difference of the publisher and developer, who has always been active in offering gaming experiences with a well-defined identity.

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