Biden revoked Trump's executive order against social networks

Biden revoked Trump's executive order against social networks

With a signature, Biden reinstated Section 230, revoking the legislative act that aimed to reduce the legal protections of social media. Now social networking platforms will once again be protected from actions that hold them accountable for their content

(photo: JOEL SAGET / AFP via Getty Images) US President Joe Biden has revoked several bills signed by his predecessor , starting with what would radically change the legal protections for social media and online platforms.

The executive order signed by Trump acted on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, a sort of shield placed available to online platforms that limits their liability on what their users post online. In essence, if a user disseminates prohibited content, the platform is not legally liable for the incident.

Trump's order, on the other hand, would have allowed federal authorities to hold web giants such as Twitter, Google and Facebook if they violated the freedom of expression of users by deleting or modifying the posts published on their platforms. In this way, even deleting a post that violated the platform's rules would be punishable by censorship charges, even if the author of the post made the mistake and broke the rules.

Trump signed this executive order last May after Twitter began labeling his posts as "misleading." A clear example of how Trump used his powers as a leader of a nation for his own personal gain, starting a battle that later saw him come out defeated and banned from all social networking platforms.

Now, thanks to this signature by Biden, Section 230 will continue to enforce the rule which reads as follows: “No provider and no user of Internet services can be held responsible, as publisher or author, for any any information provided by third parties ”.

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