16 days 16 bit: Day 12 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors

16 days 16 bit: Day 12 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors

16 days 16 bit

My name is Chris, I am an editor at PC Games and I use the lockdown to catch up on or relive games from the 16-bit era for 16 days. I will share my experiences with you here at 16 days 16 bit.

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Day 12: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

I love horror films. Regardless of whether it is slowly creeping horror, teen slasher, trashy zombie splatter or the old monster films in black and white, I watch pretty much everything that falls into the horror genre. Accordingly, I was of course excited when I heard about Zombies Ate My Neighbors a few years ago. The Konami game passed me by completely at the time, but maybe it was better that way, because as a toddler I probably wouldn't have appreciated the homage to numerous horror classics. But now I have finally caught up with the game and am equally frustrated and enthusiastic.

16 days 16 bit: Day 12 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1) Source: PC Games The action released in 1994 for Super Nintendo and Mega Drive -Game doesn't dwell on a story. Instead, you are dropped off alone or in co-op in areas where you are supposed to save the neighbors from all kinds of monsters. This is done by tracking down the neighbors and then practically walking over them. If you have saved the neighbors in the section, a door appears through which you can get to the next level.

It is of course not that easy to track down the cheerleaders, teachers, babies or grill masters in the neighborhood, because the levels are laid out like a labyrinth and to open some paths you have to get keys somewhere else . In addition, different monsters everywhere are just waiting to eat the character and if you are really unlucky, the bastards will snatch your neighbors from under your nose.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors is at the same time a homage to, but also a parody of well-known horror and monster films from different decades. If you only encounter the eponymous zombies in the first of a total of 48 levels, other well-known creatures will soon be added. Among other things, you have to deal with killer dolls, werewolves, vampires, aliens or murderers wielding chainsaws. So variety is provided.

Fortunately, you are not completely helpless in the face of the monsters, because there are various weapons and items with which you can fight or outsmart the creatures. For example, a water pistol can be used to fend off zombies, while an inflatable clown attracts the attention of opponents. But sometimes you can also find potions that turn you into a monster yourself.

16 days 16 bit: Day 12 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors (3) Source: PC Games Love as a horror and B-movie fan i the presentation of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. You can tell from every corner that the developers themselves were big fans of the genre. Well-known clichés were processed in the game in a funny and creative way. Almost every level makes me smile at least once in a while. Nevertheless, the title really gets on my nerves sometimes, because it is sometimes filthy heavy.

I like to admit it, I only saw the late levels of the game because I had picked out the appropriate passwords. The balancing of Zombies Ate My Neighbors is pretty half-baked at times. I pass some of the last levels without any problems, while 15 levels beforehand I constantly die.

16 days 16 bit: Day 12 - Zombies Ate My Neighbors (4) Source: PC Games Some opponents are simply far too powerful. Above all, the werewolves piss me off because they are too fast to escape them, they jump all over the place, they only let themselves be distracted for a very short time with a clown and sometimes push you into a corner that you can't get out of more comes out. But the killer dolls are also annoying little shit, because they throw hatchets and pocket a number of hits before they finally bless the time.

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun with Zombies Ate My Neighbors and recommend it to all retro- Fans with a weakness for horror and B-movies. After the pandemic I will definitely play the game again in co-op mode, because then I don't have to be faster than the werewolves, just faster than my teammate.

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