Lawnmower | The best of 2021

Lawnmower | The best of 2021

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year because it awakens nature, but garden owners will have to work hard if they want their green area to remain clean and tidy. As the temperature rises, in fact, grass and flowers will grow rapidly, forcing you to spend a good part of the day removing too much grass before it reaches too high heights. As you know, there are several tools that will allow you to take care of the garden and one of these is the lawnmower.

The lawnmower needs no introduction, since the word already says it all about its function. However, it is worth mentioning the different types of lawnmowers because it is important to know the differences, in order to avoid making a wrong purchase. At the moment, we limit ourselves to pointing out the 3 types of lawnmowers available on the market, leaving you the characteristics of each one after making you discover first which are the best lawnmowers in each category.

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The best lawn mowers

Petrol lawn mower - Greencut GLM660X Petrol lawn mower - Fuxtec FX RM4646ECO Electric lawn mower - Bosch ARM 34 Electric lawn mower - Einhell GC-EM 1743 HW Battery powered lawn mower - Greenworks G40LM35K2X Battery Lawnmower - Einhell GE-CM 18

Petrol Lawnmower - Greencut GLM660X

Let's start the list of the best lawnmowers by proposing a petrol engine model. This type of power supply guarantees the best possible power, so it is suitable for cutting the driest grass. The engine boasts a displacement of 139cc and 5 horsepower, while the rotating part is entrusted to a 39cm blade, whose diameter is sufficient to care for small and medium-sized gardens. Since the frame is made of plastic, this lawnmower is light and easy to handle, while also ensuring the right posture thanks to the adjustable handlebar. As for the cutting height, it can be adjusted from a minimum of 25mm up to a maximum of 75mm, thus giving you the possibility to choose the most correct grass size for your garden.

Petrol lawnmower - Fuxtec FX RM4646ECO

Another petrol engine lawnmower that we recommend is the Fuxtec FX RM4646ECO which , with its 46 cm cutting width, it is the most recommended model for large gardens. In addition, the 50 liter grass bag will allow you to continue cutting without having to interrupt the work due to the filling of the bag. The engine is a 146cc, while the wheels are mounted on 255 mm ball bearings, which will ensure excellent grip and handling. The frame is made of sheet steel and will allow you to adjust the central cut from 25 to 75mm.

Electric lawnmowers - Bosch ARM 34

Let's now move on to electric lawnmowers, that is those that need a socket of current to work. One of the most recommended is certainly the Bosch ARM 34 which, with a power of 1,300W, will be able to cut most of the grass without too much difficulty. In addition, since it is very compact, with a 34cm cutting width, it is perfect for filing those areas of the lawn that are difficult to reach by a larger mower. Despite being small, it has a 40-liter grass bag and an ergonomic handle, which will allow you to use it without getting tired, as well as 5 cutting settings, ranging from 20 to 70mm.

Electric Lawnmower - Einhell GC-EM 1743 HW

If you have a medium or large garden and are interested in buying a Electric Lawnmower, the Einhell's solution is another that deserves to be taken into consideration, thanks to a power of 1,700W and a 43cm cutting width, ideal for sweeping away a very abundant amount of grass in one stroke, which will go to settle in the 52 liter container. The height adjustments offered by this model are 6 and range from 20 to 70mm, while safety and comfort are respectively entrusted to a double safety switch and a foldable handle.

Battery Lawnmower - Greenworks G40LM35K2X

If ease of use comes first for you, a battery-powered lawnmower is the best solution. In this regard, one of the models we suggest is the Greenworks G40LM35K2X which, thanks to the battery, is easy to start and ready for use. Of course, the power won't be the same as a petrol-powered model, but it will still be able to cut most wet and dry grass. Like the previous models, there are several height adjustments, which will allow you to use the 35cm blade from a minimum of 20mm up to a maximum of 70mm. A very good lawnmower, therefore, whose mulching function makes it perfect for those who want to give the soil extra attention, preventing the growth of weeds.

Battery-powered lawnmowers - Einhell GE-CM 18

To conclude our list dedicated to the best lawnmowers, we have decided to point out the Einhell GE-CM 18 which, thanks to its characteristics, poses as one of the best battery-powered models. The cutting width of 30cm makes it unsuitable for large gardens, but this does not prevent it from being taken into consideration, because it boasts innovative technologies such as the brushless electric motor, which is much more efficient and powerful than a conventional electric motor. . Moreover, it is the ideal model for those who need a light and easy to transport lawnmower, which is still able to allow you to choose different cutting heights.

How to choose the lawn mower

Now that we know which models to buy, it is time to find out what are the factors that help to understand if a particular lawnmower is valid or not, as well as if it is suitable for your own garden. There are not many points to keep in mind when choosing a model, but they are fundamental in order not to run the risk of buying a solution that is not suitable for your needs.

Power supply

As we already have anticipated in the introductory phase, there are petrol, electric and battery powered lawnmowers. The first are those with the highest power, able to cut even the most difficult grass without particular difficulties, so if you have a garden full of dry and stringy grass, focusing on a petrol-powered model can only be the choice. better.

Electric lawnmowers, on the other hand, have almost the same power as petrol models, as long as the wattage is at least 1,000W, but they need a power cord to work. As you can imagine, these tend to be only productive in the vicinity of a power outlet, although an extension cord can solve most problems. However, this is an aspect to consider.

Finally, battery-powered models are the ones that should be considered by those who have a small garden and whose grass is not too dry, in order to avoid that the mower goes into trouble. Plus, the battery-powered models are perfect for those looking for a compact, lightweight and easy-to-fly solution. In this case, our suggestion is to check that the battery has a voltage between 18 and 36V.

Cutting width

Knowing the size of the blade is essential to understand if a lawn mower is suitable for the size of your garden. A small blade, in fact, will force you to make numerous passes in a medium and large garden, making you finish the job much more slowly. While a small blade may not be a problem for a battery-powered model, it becomes essential in current-powered and petrol engine solutions. In this case, the cutting width should be as close to 40cm as possible.


Another aspect to consider when buying a new mower is the capacity of the tank. which must be large enough to hold a good amount of weed, so you can keep working without having to empty it all the time. The ideal would be to have a bag of at least 40 liters, regardless of the type of lawn mower, but it's not a big problem if a model meets all the requirements but has a slightly smaller grass bag.

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