Twitch: "purple screen of death" worries players

Twitch: purple screen of death worries players
Twitch's “Purple Screen of Death” has been getting a lot of buzz lately. More precisely, it is an annoying message, which appears in the form of a pop-up, while watching live broadcast on the well-known purple site via third-party sites or tools. This message invites viewers to watch such content exclusively on their platform and every time users tune in to a live they are greeted by this message, which appears on a purple background and remains fixed on the screen for 30 seconds, which is quite a question. annoying because, moreover, it cannot be ignored. Curious is that this message can also appear to those who are already on Twitch and have the ADBlock active and now even appeared in video games.

Twitch's purple screen of death is now messing up stream embeds directly inside video games, as seen here in the PUBG client for the PUBG Global Invitational. probably not great for the user experience!

- Rod Breslau (@Slasher) February 5, 2021

According to reports from some users, the pop-up recurs every 15 minutes, even after waiting the required 30 seconds, interrupting important moments during the live shows and, in any case, disturbing the users. User Rod Breslau noted how this annoying warning even appeared during the PUBG Global Invitational, a famous eSport event, also 'contaminated' by the "purple screen of death", in which spectators read the aforementioned message during the live streaming event.

This annoying pop-up risks damaging the platform directly, in addition to the experience of individual users. Imagine yourself watching a normal live stream of your favorite video game streamer and instead of being able to watch the gameplay unhindered, you come across a huge and annoying purple message - an experience that is anything but extraordinary, especially during esports. In fact, many users have considered moving to alternative services, such as Steam, thus bypassing this potential disturbance during live broadcasts. For example, the DPC for Dota 2 is streamed via Steam, rather than Twitch or YouTube. Even former Twitch employees have expressed their dissent against the purple site's pop-up. Will this feature be permanent within the site? That is all to be seen, considering that Twitch has stated that it is only a "temporary experiment". We look forward to updates on this to share with you.

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