ASUS thinks of a Zenfone in Mini version, arriving already in 2021?

ASUS thinks of a Zenfone in Mini version, arriving already in 2021?
According to the latest rumors that emerged on the net, ASUS would be reviewing its smartphone policy for 2021 and in addition to the development of its gaming device it would also be thinking of a Mini model for the Zenfone range, which could see the light with the name of Zenfone 8 Mini. The news comes in tandem with that which would indicate a decline in sales in the smartphone sector during 2020 for the Taiwanese tech giant.

According to reports from DigiTimes, one of ASUS's main objectives for the new year will be to bring to the market a compact smartphone, hitherto absent from the company's smartphone line-up, and equip it with specifications that make it a real top of the range, thus responding to the needs of many users who still prefer today devices not too bulky compared to the large screens that populate the current market.

A choice therefore in Apple style, which a few months ago brought the iPhone 12 mini to the market and which, according to some estimates published on the net, does not however, it is winning, at least as expected, the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, the report does not cover essential details, such as specs, purported price and possible release date.

It will be interesting to see what display size ASUS decides to use on the alleged ZenFone Mini. Smartphones have continued to increase in size in recent years, with most devices nowadays hosting displays larger than 6 inches. Although the iPhone 12 mini was received with great fanfare, as mentioned earlier it did not meet the hoped-for success, a sign that at least Apple users prefer larger diagonals and quietly renounce comfort in favor of ease of use.

There is no doubt that a larger screen is, nowadays, much more useful, as it allows you to view movies, photos, documents, stream content or play games without too much difficulty compared to those you they could present by perhaps doing the same actions on a decidedly reduced panel.

DigiTimes then adds how ASUS should present the ROG Phone 5 most likely as early as March. It goes without saying that it will be a very powerful device thanks to the presence of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC combined with 12GB of RAM. Power comes at a cost and most likely the new solution designed for gaming should be priced higher than the previous generation.

We cannot yet state precisely what ASUS moves from here on out and whether the new arrivals will allow the company to get back on top even in the smartphone segment, certainly the potential to do well is all there. We are therefore only waiting for further information.

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