Nathan Never's 2021 - the celebrations for the 30th anniversary begin

Nathan Never's 2021 - the celebrations for the 30th anniversary begin
The roundup linked to 2021 of the characters of Sergio Bonelli Editore makes a stop in the future! In fact, the curator Glauco Guardigli tells us about Nathan Never's 2021, which this year celebrates his first 30 years of career.

Nathan Never - the regular series

2021 begins with another double story (after the sensational twist that closed the adventure set in Tergeste) equally shocking, written by Bepi Vigna and drawn by Maurizio Gradin: an adventure that will peek behind the scenes of Nathan's own future, to understand who really holds the threads of the delicate political balance of the society of the future. Another actor will enter the scene besides the Earth Federation and you are very far away from the Security Council ...

In March, it's up to an "all action" book, the work of a revived Sergio Masperi, who has created a script tailor-made for Massimo Dall'Oglio and inspired by the great passion of both for the Master Hayao Miyazaki. In April Bepi Vigna, never tamed, assisted in the drawings by Giéz, takes us back to the desperation of Tempo Zero, in an ideal sequel to number 300.

The helm of the series will then pass, in the second half of the year with a few rare exceptions, to Michele Medda with a series of splendid "frees" entrusted to highly talented designers, such as Simona Denna, Elena Pianta, Massimiliano Bergamo, Andrea Cascioli, Rosario Raho ...

Among the exceptions mentioned above, we report the story of the July and August issues, by Stefano Marzorati and Onofrio Catacchio, especially for the bold graphic solutions and melancholy tones, in perfect Neveriano style.

Nathan Never - special initiations and celebrations for the 30th anniversary

In June, a "Bis" will be added to the regular releases, a special register for the "Thirty Years", written by Bepi Vigna and entrusted to the designs of Germano Bonazzi. Also in the summer, a four-issue miniseries will be released, currently called "Giove", in which Bepi Vigna, assisted by Germano Bonazzi and Max Bertolini, will reveal other fundamental secrets of Nathan Never's universe.

Confirmed instead, even with a few pages less, in December, the Special Nathan Never, on which Michele Medda and Silvia Corbetta are already working.

From the point of view of the collaboration, the one with the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, which sees Nathan accompanying some important events organized by the Ministry, in preparation for international meetings dedicated to environmental protection and the measures to be adopted, worldwide, to address the problem of so-called "climate change".

The 2021 previews of Sergio Bonelli Editore

Last week, again through its official website, Sergio Bonelli Editore already offered a first look at the 2021 news of Te x, Dragonero, Dampyr, Zagor, Dylan Dog and Martin Mystere.

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