The best Christmas scenes in video games

The best Christmas scenes in video games
Ah, Christmas! With its lights, decorations and the expectation of Santa Claus every year it makes everyone feel like children again. What about video games? Although the association with Christmas is a little less immediate than that with other holidays, there is certainly no lack of titles capable of putting players in the right mood, in view of binges and evenings with relatives.

Let's find out together in this new video, through what we believe are the best Christmas moments in video games.

Update 26/12/2020: new video graphics and game list also included in the body of the article.

Nights into Dreams ...

Let's start with Nights into Dreams ..., a dreamlike and fairytale title created by the Sonic Team back in 1996. The game did not actually have any Christmas settings, but during the holidays Sega had distributed a themed promotional disc. The CD contained only a couple of fully playable levels, but thanks to a brand new story, scenarios remodeled for the occasion and a series of cosmetic changes based on the console's calendar, it is a real treat for the enthusiast. Plus it's still very easy to find, as it's included in the digital version for Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Banjo Kazooie

Let's stay in the retrogaming arena with the Freezeeky Peak level of Banjo-Kazooie. Yet another demonstration of the skill of the old Rare team, capable of creating an area that perfectly embodies the spirit of the holidays. Thanks to Rare Replay, this title can also be easily recovered on Xbox One.

Bayonetta 2

Another moment in perfect harmony with the Christmas spirit is the introductory scene of Bayonetta 2. The second chapter of Platinum's action opens with the extrovert witch engaged in a relaxing day of Christmas shopping, in the company of the inseparable Enzo. However, the idyll is interrupted by the appearance of a flock of angels, which introduces the true protagonist of this crackling prologue: Rodin dressed as Santa Claus.

Kingdom Hearts II

Recurring world in the series, the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Town was also featured in Kingdom Hearts II. However, it is only a stage of the journey through the film produced by Tim Burton, as the country of Jack Skeleton also gives access to the other iconic setting of the film. We obviously speak of the Christmas City, where even the old Santa Nachele is involved in the close fight between Sora and the heartless. The remastered collection in this case is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Saints Row 4

As hilarious and over the top as the whole series, Saints Row's free How the Saints Save Christmas DLC 4 is a short Christmas special to play in one go during the holidays. On the other hand, what's better than shooting gingerbread men and a robotic Santa Claus after a good binge of Pandoro?

Call of Duty WWII

Let's definitely change tones with Call of Duty: WWII. The latest installment of the Activision series has an entire mission set at Christmas, complete with an impromptu dinner and makeshift Christmas trees. It is far from a joyful occasion, but it can be a great way to remind us of the good fortune of being able to spend the holidays in the heat with our loved ones.


Agent 47 He's disguised himself as Santa Claus on more than one occasion, but in the latest Hitman's additional mission, Party Binge, the deadly killer even seems to be dealing with the real Santa Claus. Although that hasn't stopped him from playing the poor old man to take out his Parisian goals.

Dead Rising 4

Finally arrived on PlayStation 4 after debuting on Xbox One. and PC, Dead Rising 4 puts us in the shoes of Frank West again. This time the reporter is busy eliminating hordes of zombies in a huge Christmas-themed mall, just during the holiday season. In short, it can be a good opportunity to experiment with alternative decorations for your tree.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Christmas also arrives in the world of Animal Crossing every year. The so-called Toy Day is a fixture for fans of the series, who in New Leaf even end up accompanying the reindeer Jingle, a sort of Santa Claus of the game, on his round of gift delivery.

Canis Canem Edit

Thanks to its structure that follows the passage of time, Canis Canem Edit also has something to do with Christmas. You can thus follow the protagonist Jimmy Hopkins in a series of themed missions, which see him engaged in an unlikely play and in supporting a Santa Claus with serious problems of alcoholism.

Batman: Arkham Origins

In closing, we could not fail to mention the dark and dystopian version of Christmas from Batman: Arkham Origins. In this chapter, in fact, Gotham is immersed in the snow and the Dark Knight moves among ruined decorations and hardened criminals dressed as Santa Claus.

But these were just some of the Christmas scenes present in the video games. Do you agree with our selection or would you have entered something else? Let us know in the comments.

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