The best single player and multiplayer zombie games

The best single player and multiplayer zombie games
Zombie. Whether they have been resurrected by dark magic, whether they are the result of a strange virus or a fungus has taken over their brains, zombies have always been one of the public's most loved subjects. The undead - a shell of flesh that has lost "its soul" - can easily question our concept of humanity and, perhaps more for this than for the disgusting aspect of him, terrifies us. Obviously, even the world of video games has been able to exploit it to stage different types of works.

In fact, speaking of "zombie games" is partially limiting. The zombie is only a subject, but it is not enough to define the genre of the game. Are we talking about action games? Strategic games? Survival horror games? Multiplayer games? Or are we only interested in the platform: computer, console or mobile? Zombies are perfect for any context.

So let's see which are the best zombie games.

Days Gone

Days Gone is an action zombie game set within a large open world. Developed by SIE Bend Studio and released in 2019, Days Gone has clear strengths: an ever-expanding map, an innovative movement system based on the protagonist's motorcycle, and huge hordes of zombies.

Days Gone, more of all, he manages to make us understand what the real strength of the zombies is: the number. In fact, Bend Studio offers mass clashes, with zombies charging us from every direction. Taking down an undead is simple, but when we are surrounded there will be no weapon that can save us. By taking advantage of our arsenal and the environment, however, we can win.

Our protagonist, Deacon St. John, is a biker and his bike is the center of our world. Moving on foot means being doomed to certain death, especially as soon as night falls. Days Gone's bike also carries extra supplies with it, perfect for getting some extra ammo while we're away from civilization. Finally, it is also our save point. By the end of the game, we will have created a strong connection with our vehicle.

Days Gone is a great zombie action game for those who want to explore a wide world in great freedom. It is available on PS4 and PS5 (backwards compatibility).

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 certainly falls into the "zombie action games" category, with some influences from the survival horror sub-genre. Developed by Naughty Dog and released in 2020, The Last of Us Part 2 is all about storyline, variety of situations and a brutal but always reasoned combat system.

The Last of Us Part 2, acting later, the adventures of Joel and Ellie evolve not only from a narrative point of view, but above all at a playful level. The first chapter proposed linear and small levels. In this Part 2, on the other hand, Ellie and the new protagonist Abby clash in elaborate environments, with passages and hiding places "enhanced" by an extremely vertical level design.

Even if it is not possible to shoot madly (the ammunition tends to be in short supply), The Last of Us Part 2 is a full-fledged action zombie game: fights are physical and brutal, melee is often an option, reflexes matter a lot and you have to maintain a clear mind while juggling between hiding places. It also doesn't hurt that at a graphic level it is one of the best games of the generation just ended.

The Last of Us Part 2 is an action zombie game suitable for those who want a less dispersive experience. It is available on PS4 and PS5 (backward compatible).

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a modern reinterpretation of a beloved classic of zombie survival horror games. Developed by Capcom and released in 2019, Resident Evil 2 Remake takes us to Raccoon City on a journey of puzzles, slow and reasoned battles, and great escapes from impossible enemies.

Resident Evil 2 Remake wants re-propose the original sensations, without relying on the original limits. As Leon and Claire, we will have to explore a handful of environments, which quickly become small labyrinths from which to escape, as we are chased by creatures much stronger than us, if not completely invincible. Every hit must hit and the fights are slow, reasoned and potentially deadly.

We are talking about a zombie survival horror game after all: Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn't make the mistake of becoming an action game ( such as Resident Evil 6). The environments are dark, every noise will scare us and every creature that will appear in front of us will be feared and respected. The presence of two campaigns ensures additional longevity and there is no shortage of extra modes to test our skills.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is a zombie survival horror game for those who want to rediscover a fundamental saga in the history of videogames. without having to launch into retro gaming. It is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 (backwards compatibility) and Xbox Series X | S (backwards compatibility).


DayZ is first of all an MMO, but it is above all a great zombie survival horror game. Developed by Bohemia Interactive and released in 2018, it will test your survival skills in a ruthless online world where death is final.

DayZ is all about realistic and complex survival mechanics that include the chaser, the manufacturing, construction and management of resources and health. We will find ourselves in a wide world and we will always be at risk both because of the undead creatures that populate it but also because of the other players, who will stop at nothing ... but the same can be said of you!

DayZ is not the most refined product and the many bugs may bother you, but it is one of the most popular zombie survival horror games especially after the most recent updates. If you want a solo or group survival experience, Bohemia Interactive's game is certainly a great choice.

DayZ is a zombie survival horror game suitable for those who want to be tested without having to follow a linear plot in closed layers. It is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 (backwards compatibility) and Xbox Series X | S (backwards compatibility).

Dying Light

Dying Light might seem like a great candidate for the list of best action games, but the truth is that its great selling point is cooperative multiplayer. Developed by Techland and released in 2015, Dying Light becomes a multiplayer game only in case the player wants it, but we're here to tell you you should want it.

Dying Light is an open world action game in first person who focuses mainly on hand-to-hand combat and parkour. Our character, in fact, is able to jump and climb almost everywhere and movement is a fundamental part of the fight. Having the right rhythm allows us to have the best of enemies during the day, while during the night we will have to be able to escape the horrors that awaken when the sun goes down.

In addition to having an interesting narrative component, Dying Light is one of the best multiplayer zombie games because it allows you to face each section of the game with up to three friends. What was previously an overwhelming and almost survival adventure becomes an experience to be shared with joy in headphones.

Dying Light is a multiplayer zombie game perfect for those who want to have fun with friends and are looking for a open world experience with a combat system far from the usual shooters. It is available on PC, PS4. Xbox One, PS5 (backwards compatibility) and Xbox Series X | S (backwards compatibility).

World War Z

World War Z is by no means an original game, but it is just what fans have been asking for a long time. Developed by Saber Interactive and released in 2019, World War Z takes the still beloved Left 4 Dead formula and expands it to become the perfect multiplayer zombie game to play online.

World War Z is one third person shooter for up to four players that puts us in front of huge hordes of zombies to take down. It is based on the Paramount Pictures film of the same name with Brad Pitt. It is a fast paced cooperative action game, but it does not renounce to offer a narrative component.

World War Z has a PvE campaign mode to play with friends, but also various PvP multiplayer modes that battle two teams of players in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. There is also the possibility of upgrading your equipment, which pushes us to play again and again to become more and more powerful.

World War Z is therefore the best multiplayer zombie game for those who want to make quick games and take down undead and human adversaries one after another. It is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 (backwards compatibility) and Xbox Series X | S (backwards compatibility).

They are billions

They Are Billions is a strategic zombie game and management that allows us to create our own colony and defend it from zombie attacks. Developed by Numantian Games and released in 2019, They Are Billions uniquely blends steampunk and zombies.

They Are Billions features a single player mode that will keep you busy for more than 60 hours. We will have to build fortified colonies and survive the infected, while also exploring ancient human fortresses. There is also a survival mode that generates a random world with unique events, weather conditions and its own zombie population. This is a high-paced mode that offers new challenges weekly.

The game system is in real time, but there is the possibility of pausing to make the best decision: it is still a strategic zombie game. During the break you can place buildings to build, give orders to the army or consult game information.

They Are Billions is a strategic zombie game for strategy lovers looking for a setting that is not whether historical or sci-fi: no more, no less. It is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 (backwards compatibility), Xbox Series X | S (backwards compatibility).

Atom Zombie Smasher

Atom Zombie Smasher is one of the few zombie games strategic that allow us to act on a large scale, rather than worrying about a single character. Developed by Blendo Games and released in 2011, Atom Zombie Smasher is a real-time tower defense strategy game.

In each Atom Zombie Smasher mission we will manage the defense forces of Nuevo Aires and we will have to save as many citizens as possible . With an overhead view, we will be able to call in helicopters to retrieve people, manage assault teams and mercilessly sacrifice our soldiers to achieve our goal.

We will have to fortify our city and foresee how the hordes of zombies will advance through the levels and find the right strategy to win each fight. In addition, longevity is ensured by the ability to create and play with custom maps.

Atom Zombie Smasher is a strategic zombie game designed for those who want some healthy strategy without worrying about following a plot. It is available on PC.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense that transforms classic horror monsters into funny cartoon creatures. Developed by PopCap Games and released in 2009, it asks us to defend our home from hordes of zombies by exploiting living plants armed to the teeth.

As in any tower defense, Plants vs Zombies gives us access to multiple plants to use to battle the undead. It starts with the classic peashooters, which strike from a distance, up to barriers made of nuts and carnivorous plants that devour enemies within range in one fell swoop. PopCap Games cartoon zombies are also much more varied than their realistic counterparts, prompting us to use always different strategies.

Plants vs Zombies, conceived first of all as a mobile game for iOS and Android, offers short battles, which they resolve in a couple of minutes, perfect for a game during a break. There are also additional modes and even a greenhouse to take care of, to push us to play the campaign over and over again, ensuring an enviable longevity.

Plants vs Zombies is a mobile zombie game, perfect for those who want to take down a some undead without having to face their scarier side. In addition to iOS and Android, it is also available on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

The Walking Dead No Man's Land is a tactical RPG turn-based based on AMD's zombie-themed TV series The Walking Dead. Developed by Next Games and released in 2015, it will put us in the shoes of a group of survivors who must go in search of resources, upgrade weapons and armor and defend their base.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land offers hundreds of missions, divided between story mode, ranged missions and the ability to create your own camp, as well as a series of weekly challenges. We will be able to play online with our guild and test ourselves in PvP battles. The clashes are turn-based and require careful planning of each move, also taking advantage of a whole series of special attacks.

We will be able to create our team of survivors, even with the characters of the TV series, such as Rick Grimes, about his children Carl, Carol, Glenn and the unforgettable Daryl. With more than a hundred weapons and many unique abilities, we must always be ready to face the apocalypse in a mobile zombie game that doesn't discount.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land is a mobile zombie game for those who wants to play for many hours with a more demanding than average title. It is available on iOS and Android.

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