The best branded gaming chairs | February 2021

The best branded gaming chairs | February 2021

Beautiful desks, monitors, cutting-edge PCs and the latest consoles. It's nice and important to own objects of this type, but to enjoy your gaming sessions and, why not, your working days in front of the computer to the fullest, you need a good chair.

In the course of the months, on our pages we have returned to the subject several times, telling you about the best gaming chairs ever and the best under 200 euros. Today we want to experience something different, please some video game enthusiasts out there. In essence, we will tell you about the best branded gaming chairs, therefore created specifically to recall the atmosphere of a particular video game or a universe. From Cyberpunk 2077 to Batman, there are tons of them, so let's get started!

The best gaming chairs

Rust Overwatch Dota 2 Batman Cyberpunk 2077


Let's imagine you all know Rust, the survival game released first on PC and then on console. Well, if you are looking for a comfortable gaming chair and, in the meantime, you are also a fan of the video game, this particular model is definitely for you. Furthermore, not having a particularly excessive themed coating, you might consider buying it even if you are not directly an absolute fan of the video game. In fact, once the powerful writing on the back is removed, the product is quite minimal, preserving a sober and elegant appearance.

Design aside, what really counts is obviously comfort, and from this point of view, as we will see in truth also for the following models, you can sleep peacefully: the materials are good and there is not even the possibility to adjust the height and the backrest.


Not knowing Rust, despite being a valid survival, is passable, but never having had anything to do with Overwatch, no. Arrived on virtually any current platform (it is also playable on new consoles, although there is no dedicated patch), the shooter developed by Blizzard has won the affection of many players. In this regard we would not be absolutely curious to notice particular interest around this model which, like the previous one, is equipped with a logo in plain sight, complete with writing on the back of the backrest, but not to the point of making this chair unsuitable. to non-fans of the game. We also point out the possibility of selecting the color that best suits your needs.

As always, we have very little to blame for the product, which is really comfortable and well built.

Dota 2

Developed by Valve, owners of the well-known PC video game store, Steam, Dota 2 is certainly among the most popular MOBAs in circulation, as well as one of the most popular.

This particular fully themed gaming chair has an even more minimal aspect than the others, even if, clearly, there is no lack of logo and writing in evidence; after all, it wouldn't be a branded model otherwise.

This model, perfectly aligned with Secretlab products in terms of comfort and functionality, guarantees good play sessions and effective height and backrest adjustment.


Movies, TV Series, Comics, Video Games, and so on. There is everything about this fantastic universe, and it represents, especially in our wonderful media, an incredible excellence. Video games taken from other universes and media, in fact, usually fail to find an effective game formula, often falling into the banal. The Arkham series, which ended with Arkham Knight, has turned like a sock this fearsome destiny often protagonist of operations of this type, thanks to three fantastic products that have even inspired the combat system of the acclaimed Spider-Man PS4, also available on PlayStation 5 .

Regarding the chair, if you are a fan of the brand, you will not be disappointed at all, there is exactly what you would expect to find and the usual comfort and functionality typical of Secretlab models.

Cyberpunk 2077

It is no coincidence that we have left for last the model completely dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077, ambitious game developed by CD Projekt RED and released in December, which has become one of the most talked about topics in recent videogame history.

We have left this model for last because it is a very different chair from the others: abandon the idea of ​​a minimal design focusing on something more gaudy, flashy, Cyberpunk. The final result consecrates this chair as one of the best on the market, for fans and not. At times you will almost feel like you are looking at a place for grafts (just like in the video game), given the incredible care in the coating.

What more can I say? Super stylish, Cyberpunk, comfortable and with the usual Secretlab quality. Wanting more is unlikely enough!

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