Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Power-ups and multiplayer players

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Power-ups and multiplayer players

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Super Mario 3D World has a large number of power-ups: in many respects it is the most faithful three-dimensional transposition of the classic 2D, and even in this area it has remained faithful to its inspiration. Unlike all the other 3D cousins, starting with Super Mario Odyssey, in this game the power-ups - headgear excluded - can be transported from level to level, which means that in each stage you can wear the costume you want. , the one that is considered most suitable for its mission. Before entering a level, you open your inventory and select the most appropriate one from your repertoire, which becomes richer as you progress through the adventure.

As we wrote weeks ago in our review, Super Mario 3D World multiplayer, both online and offline, is more about sharing experience than competition: of course, it is pleasant to pull other users into the cliffs (after lifting them as if they were vases), it is equally pleasant to wear the crown of who has obtained the highest score, but the real goal of the game, despite the potential, mutual mischief, is to reach the end of the stages together Collecting as many Stars as possible. In this task, the power-ups can be very useful: to anyone, but especially to the most inexperienced players.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Four levels of Super Mario 3D World can be walked through each level. Recall the general characteristics of the characters, each of which can use any power-up: Mario is the one, as usual, skilled in everything and excellent in nothing. Ideal for starting the adventure calmly. Luigi is quite similar to his brother, but he jumps higher and is less controllable. Then we have two opposite characters. Toad is the fastest of all, the one most suitable for experienced players, but also the most difficult to dominate; Peach, on the other hand, performs a kind of glide in the air, so as to make it easier to jump from one platform to another.

Below we propose the list of power-ups of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury , in our article halfway between the goliardic and informative. We have kept the various headgear off the list, such as the one for hoisting yourself up like a helicopter, because, although they are generally attributable to power-ups, they give a different and more detailed effect. Among them, for more acrobatic players, we recommend trying the Goomba Shoe: it allows you to dance on the ice like skaters, reproducing one of the most elegant mechanics of Super Mario Galaxy.


Super Star

One of the four historical power-ups of the series, which makes you invincible for a short time. In recent Super Mario's, especially in the three-dimensional ones, this object has become less and less important, but there is no doubt that, in particular circumstances, it can help to overcome certain stages. Those composed only of clashes with enemies, for example. At the same time, the Super Stars are used in an interesting way in the bonus stages, in which, to get a Green Star, you have to kill - as invincible - every enemy in the path. So, in relation to the context, we would say that it is suitable for both the nerdy and the inexperienced cousin.

Super Mushroom and Mega Mushroom

The Super Mushroom is the first and best known enhancement of the entire saga. It allows Mario - and, in this case, the other characters - to return to normal if they are hit. Essentially, two hits separate you from losing a Life instead of one. Now, in reality, the original condition - in theory - should be the one without Mega Mushroom, but over time the opposite version has become canonical, and that is that, after suffering a blow, Mario becomes small. Leaving aside certain existential questions, there is no doubt instead about the qualities of the Mega Mushroom, extrapolated directly from New Super Mario Bros.: by taking this power-up, temporary and not transportable from one level to another, the protagonist becomes huge, capable of crushing and shattering otherwise indestructible game elements. Useful both for small children to feel huge, and to dominate their companions in multiplayer, and for collectors who want to find every secret: when there is a Mega Mushroom, rest assured that there is something hidden to find nearby.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Peach next to a Super Mushroom.

Fiore di Fuoco

Another protagonist of the historic trio of power-ups of the series (Star-Flower-Mushroom, of course). Once collected, he allows Mario and his companions to change colors and, above all, to hurl fireballs around the stage. Now, if in the two-dimensional episodes it was an authentic war machine, in the 3D ones the Fire Flower is slightly less useful (having increased the variables donated by the three axes), but it is still effective in taking down opponents. In the most recent episodes, including Super Mario 3D World, it is also used to solve puzzles and find hidden objects: for example, to light torches. An ecumenical power-up, suitable and useful for all types of users.

Boomerang Flower

Another power-up, like the Mega Mushroom, taken from the New Super Mario Bros. It transforms the character who picks it up into a kind of Martelkoopa, with a shell on its back, but instead of throwing hammers it launches boomerangs: predictably, they are useful both for hitting enemies and for collecting distant objects. The jumping skills are not increased, and the boomerang requires a fair amount of precision: for this reason, it is a useful enhancement especially for experienced players.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Luigi after collecting a Fire Flower.

Super Leaf and Invincible Leaf

These power-ups first appeared in Super Mario 3D World's portable ancestor, Super Mario 3D Land, released in 2011 for Nintendo 3DS. This is an evolution of the iconic power-up that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3: in its modern version, it's the equivalent of the old Tanuki Suit. In summary, the whole body is covered in a furry costume (commonly called raccoon). It allows you to hit opponents with the tail, but above all to glide for long distances: it is a fantastic power-up, and really useful to everyone. To the speedrunners to find unexpected shortcuts, to the grandmothers to avoid falling into the ravines. Help anyone cling to the flag at the end of the stage by grabbing the highest point. The Invincible Leaf, which appears after dying too many times on a stage (and whose appearance is, to be fair, rather humiliating) is probably the most powerful power-up in the game: Mario can't take damage, and he can glide anywhere. at will. A blessing for players in need, but also an overly charitable gift.

Double Cherry

A power-up inserted in a few stages and extremely detailed - disappears reaching the flag - but, at the same time, one of the funniest and most characteristic of the game. It allows you to duplicate your character, not just once, but at will. Four can be born from a Mario; and, guess what, it all has to be multiplied for each player on screen. It can generate situations that are nothing short of hilarious and, at the same time, it allows you to unlock secrets, activating platforms that only get up with more characters on the platform. Of course, it also gives you more chances of survival (you don't lose a Life until every multiplication from the cherry dies). Particularly suitable for those who, in multiplayer, want to unleash pandemonium, not caring about achieving common goals: keep them away from pestiferous young relatives.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: Cat Mario in the Super Saiyan version of Bowser's Fury .

Super Bell and Super Campanella

Here we are at the symbolic power-up of Super Mario 3D World; the object of the three-dimensional saga that, more than any other, has come close to reaching the "classic" status of Flower, Leaf, Star and Mushroom. The Super Bell transforms every character in the game into a Cat, capable of both clawing at enemies and climbing walls: a very strong and fun boost, because it helps both sprinters to reach the finish line first, and collectors to find secrets , let the beginners not to fall into the ravines. Almost blasphemous - thinking about 2D games - with this tool you can even climb on the flag. Its much rarer Super Campanella version even allows it to become a golden feline statue, generating tons of coins. Right now, surely a Super Bell would help the most-named Super Mario on the news - not our darling, but Mario Draghi. Here, a Golden Cat Dragons Mario would come out.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: the four protagonists, all in a cat version.

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