Starfield, there are those who are aiming for 2021 as a launch year: is it really possible?

Starfield, there are those who are aiming for 2021 as a launch year: is it really possible?
Starfield is both one of the most anticipated games of all and one of the greatest mysteries. Long rumored and finally announced at Bethesda's E3 conference in 2018, the sci-fi RPG has never officially shown itself in action.

The development company continues to keep the strictest confidentiality in this regard, inviting us to be patient while waiting. From time to time, in any case, Starfield returns to the center of attention, as happened recently on the occasion of the leak of some alleged screenshots of an old build. It happened again yesterday, when the well-known content creator Rand at Thor 19, during the last episode of his podcast, was quite confident about a release of Starfield in 2021. Is it really possible?

Rand's words at Thor 19 must obviously be taken with a grain of salt, even though he is a respected content creator as well as very close to Jez Corden, an experienced journalist from the Microsoft and Xbox world. There is still no signal clear enough to make sure an exit in 2021 (the marketing campaign has not even started), although there are some interesting considerations to make.

Seeing Starfield on the market by the end of this year may not be impossible. For starters, Bethesda's Todd Howard said last November that Starfield's gameplay presentation will take place near the release date. As it has done in the past with Fallout 4, the Maryland company does not intend to spend years showing material, preferring a quick and targeted marketing campaign (Fallout 4 was unveiled in June 2015 and launched in November of the same year). A few days ago a rumor also spread according to which in 2021 a great Microsoft exclusive would be on the way made possible by an acquisition. Could it be Starfield? The IP was explicitly mentioned by the Redmond house in the statement announcing the acquisition of Bethesda, and we would not be surprised at all if it was among the first titles to see the light after the finalization of the agreement, which should receive the approval of the commission on March 5th. What do you think about it?

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