PS5 vs Xbox Series X: which console handles ventilation better?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: which console handles ventilation better?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

PS5 and Xbox Series X have begun to battle well before launch day, and among the most proposed topics of discussion, many are wondering which of the two next-generation consoles handles ventilation better. Now, to add to this speech already opened several months ago, the editorial staff of Gamers Nexus also arrives, which has published a recent video precisely to contrast the air flow proposed by the two new consoles.

The first to be carefully observed by the Gamers Nexus guys is the console from Microsoft. According to the tests I did, the Xbox Series X does just fine at managing airflow. Thanks to the expulsion of the air upwards, the most performing console of the Xbox home is able to cool the internal components in the best way, obviously provided that the console is positioned in a place that allows the air to escape without encountering obstacles.

Different story regarding PS5, given that, as we all know, the architectures of the two consoles are quite different. Thanks to a large fan, the air manages to cool the PS5 components and then is expelled from the back of the console. A more classic choice, already used by Sony also for previous generations, which, however, lets the air concentrate more in the central part of the Sony console.

The choice made by Sony is decidedly more rough compared to the management of ventilation seen on Xbox Series X. Both consoles, however, to best enjoy the ventilation structure must necessarily be positioned in large places, so as to allow the air to flow easily outside without encountering opposition . What do you think of the tests conducted on the PS5 and Xbox Series X ventilation?

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