Netflix automatically downloads TV series and movies it suggests

Netflix automatically downloads TV series and movies it suggests

Released for Android users, the function identifies the user's favorite contents and downloads them independently, so that they can be enjoyed even in the absence of a signal

Netflix Download for You (image: Netflix) Netflix has added a new feature to its mobile platform that will allow users to automatically download episodes of TV series, programs or movies suggested by the platform based on their own history. The function is called Download for you and is launched today globally for all Android users.

To be used, the function must be activated by accessing the download tab. Here the user can set the maximum amount of space that can be occupied by the files downloaded automatically by the application which can be equal to 1, 3 or 5 gigs. More space selected will result in more recommendations downloaded from Netflix.

This feature is also meant for users who don't know what to watch in Netflix's vast catalog. After the Play something function that randomly draws a TV series, a film or a show from the catalog and puts it in play, Download for You will do more or less the same thing by downloading, and then making available offline, the contents suggested by the platform. These can be watched later even in the absence of an internet connection.

To locate these contents, Netflix will analyze the history of the films, TV series, cartoons or shows viewed by the user on the portal. Although the option allows Netflix to download any content from its catalog, it is possible that in some countries the content will not be downloaded from Download for you due to licensing restrictions.

This is the second feature dedicated to downloads proposed by the portal. In 2018 Smart Download had already landed on the mobile application for Android, a feature that allows you to automatically delete episodes, previously downloaded locally, of a TV series after they have been watched. Netflix reassured its iOS users that this feature will soon be tested on Apple devices as well and that it will soon be available for them too.

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