Magic The Gathering: new Secret Lair for Valentine's Day

Magic The Gathering: new Secret Lair for Valentine's Day
Starting today, a new Valentine's Day-themed Magic The Gathering Secret Lair will be available as well as four other box sets from what has been called Smitten Superdrop.

The boxes will be five in total and they are:

Faerie, Faerie, Fearie Rad The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands Valentine's Day 2021 Showcase: Kaldheim - Part 1 Showcase: Kaldheim - Part 2 Except for the first, they will all be available in both regular and foil versions, with a price variation of about ten euros based on the chosen one.

Let's see them in more detail, with their respective official descriptions.

Faerie, Faerie, Fearie Rad

Price: € 44.99

The first box of this new Secret Lai r will be dedicated, as the name implies, to creatures fairy-type and will include 4 iconic creatures that already exist and are part of the Lorwyn expansion, released between 2007 and 2008.
“Do you think they are ordinary sprites? Of course! If most of the sprites flit here and there, these are special and are to be caught! With a spectacular variety of rainbow colors that pays homage to the 90s, each sprite-themed foil features fantastic illustrations by Maria Abagnale, Jen Bartel, Rian Gonzales and Maria Poliakova. Don't like how they behave? It will be difficult to make them understand, because everything you say comes in from one ear and comes out of the other… ”

The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands

Price: € 34.99 (non foil) / € 44.99 (foil)

This other box will have 5 basic lands in full art, illustrated in the "Metal" version, since the artist in charge of draw them, Mark Riddick, is already known for being the graphic designer of some American bands.

“We are the Secret Lair and we are here to teach you the true meaning of brutality. Do you think creatures are brutal? Creatures are nothing. Do you think magic is brutal? Removals are for children. Only one type of card is truly brutal and metal. And that card is the basic land. Look at these Mark Riddick full-art basic lands and you'll know you know nothing about brutality. Mark knows everything. With these lands in your possession, your education can begin. Get ready to be reborn… ”

Valentine's Day 2021

Price: € 34.99 (non foil) / € 44.99 (foil)

This box dedicated to Valentine's Day contains five cards already existing plus a Goblin token, but re-illustrated by the surrealist artist Brandi Milne, an American painter who wanted to give her own touch to Magic cards, obviously paying homage to the party of lovers.

“This year at Secret Lair we have only one question for you: do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day with us? We don't have chocolates because we've already eaten them all, but we do have these lovely Valentine's Day cards with the equally lovely illustrations by Brandi Milne. These red and white cards (which together make pink, understand?) Will add a touch of romance to your games. Even if they drain your opponents' life total, their hearts will be full. "

Showcase: Kaldheim - Part 1

Price: € 29.99 (non foil) / € 39.99 (foil)

Sia the first and second part of this box set are made to honor and promote the new expansion of Magic The Gathering Kaldheim and represent six of the iconic giants from the world of the Wizards of the Coast trading card game.

“The forests of Littjara are usually calm and peaceful, but today they quiver and shake like a washing machine in full swing. It is not a polymorph who turns trees into massage chairs, it is the largest army of giants Kaldheim has ever seen. Trample your opponents with these green and blue titans featuring Kaldheim's unique window-style borders and illustrations by WolfSkullJack, Christopher Lovell and Richard Luong. They're big and big, your enemies better watch their backs! "

Showcase: Kaldheim - Part 2

Price: € 34.99 (non foil) / € 44.99 (foil)

" Immersturm's oceans of boiling tar are restless. They gurgle and simmer like, well, just like hot tar, but a lot more than usual. Three gigantic figures emerge from the depths, sinking a boat of demons into the burning sea (don't worry, they deserved it). Kaldheim has seen giants, but never like these. Trample your opponents with these black and red titans with Kaldheim's unique showcase-style borders and illustrations by DZO, GodMachine and Dibujante Nocturno. They're big and big, your enemies better watch their backs! "

You can pre-order these Secret Lairs starting at 6pm today, 12th February or simply by clicking on this link.

If you've never played Magic, you can start your approach with this handy Starter Kit, available for purchase on Amazon by simply clicking on this link.

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