God of War is pretty much perfect after the latest patch

God of War is pretty much perfect after the latest patch
As we previously announced, on February 2, 2020, Santa Monica Studio released a free update for God of War, which did not add new content to the game, but significantly improved its graphics / performance. Thanks to the latest patch, in fact, the title can now run at 60 fps on PS5</a>. In this regard, Digital Foundry records and confirms excellent results regarding the experience of the game, thanks to this latest update.

God of War_20180423210941 Previously, the PS4 Pro version allowed to play the game at 1080p at 60 FPS or it was possible to play the title in 4K mode in checkerboard at 30 FPS. This update, on the other hand, allows you to play on the PlayStation 5 at a 4K resolution in checkerboard at 60 FPS which, however, does not correspond to a native 4K. With this optimization work, however, God of War is not only confirmed as a source of pride for Santa Monica in terms of graphics, but also in the speed of the uploads, significantly improved with the latest patch. benefits brought by patch 1.35, specifying that the only small dips occur during some cutscenes which, however, are imperceptible. Moreover, whose dips in question had already been felt in the original versions on PS4. If this is the performance of a title played in backward compatibility on next-gen, let's imagine what the next Santa Monica title will be like, designed specifically for the newly arrived PS5.

That God of War was an excellent job is nothing new, considering it also received the title of Game Of The Year in 2018. The recently released update simply perfects an already excellent job. While audiences are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of God of War 2, it is welcome that the Santa Monica team does not forget the great work they have done with Chapter 1. Stay tuned for more on the sequel to share with. you, without forgetting that Santa Monica is even working on a new title not yet announced.

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