Skyrim: Mod enables 60 fps on PS5 - Trophies remain active by trick

Skyrim: Mod enables 60 fps on PS5 - Trophies remain active by trick
Play Skyrim on PS5 in 60 fps: A mod makes it possible. As reported by, among others, the small tool can be downloaded in next to no time. To do this, start the role-playing game on the PlayStation 5 first and then switch to the Mod menu. There you look for the program "Skyrim @ 60fps (PS5)". After activating the mod, you simply start an existing game or start a new adventure. From now on, Skyrim should be displayed on your PlayStation 5 in 60 frames per second.

Even more: With a little trick it is possible to activate the activation of the trophies anyway. As Eurogamer further reports, the mod can simply be deactivated via the mod menu after installation, which in turn enables the trophies to be activated. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim should still be displayed in 60 frames per second within the current session. Note that no trophies will be unlocked if you have other Skyrim mods running in the background. In addition, the process around the 60 fps mod must be repeated after each game start.

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