FIFA 21: New update finally for consoles - patch notes with the changes

FIFA 21: New update finally for consoles - patch notes with the changes
FIFA 21 players get access to Update 9: Electronic Arts today released the patch for consoles as well. You start the downloads on PS5, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox Series X> and Xbox One. PC players have been able to access Title Update 9 since last week: The patch has been live on Steam and Origin since January 27th. Electronic Arts has published the patch notes with the changes and innovations in the football simulation forum.

The new FIFA 21 update, for example, fixes a problem that most recently players in the squad battles complained about. For example, a certain goalkeeper pass could ultimately ensure that the AI ​​players made no attempts to capture the ball. Many players took advantage of the bug to simply run down the time. In addition, with the FIFA 21 Title Update 9 adjustments to the skill moves are pending, for example for holding the ball up. In addition, the patch weakens the volley lobes a little if they are shot on goal from less than eleven meters.

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Games Aktuell 02/20 with the game hits 2021 and tests on Immortals, the new Hyrule Warriors and of course Cyberpunk 2077. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1366268,1366244,1366056,1364624'; Adjustments for the individual game modes such as Ultimate Team, Career mode and Volta variant can also be found in the patch notes for FIFA 21 Title Update 9. In future, the coaches should no longer wear the wrong outfits, but actually those of the respective club. The referees were also screwed on: The referees should no longer whistle games as often as before in promising attacks. FIFA 21 is available in stores on PC and consoles. You can read many more details on our topic page.

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